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3 Point Shooter Quotes & Sayings

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Top 3 Point Shooter Quotes

3 Point Shooter Quotes By Nancy Johnson

Yes, I mean, I used to be into the big bulk thing, and that's why my legs look like those of a cyclist instead of a shooter's, but I think there is a point to where too much is not a good thing. I think I try to lower my center of gravity by doing a lot of legs. — Nancy Johnson

3 Point Shooter Quotes By D. Scott Meek

First you point your pea shooter at me; now you want more beer. Hell of a first date. — D. Scott Meek

3 Point Shooter Quotes By Theresa Grentz

When you have Jessica Davenport in the middle, with some very, very good shooters around her and a good point guard, they have the pieces — Theresa Grentz

3 Point Shooter Quotes By Shooter Jennings

I don't think I thought I was going to go into music, and I don't think it hit me until I was 13 or 14, and then I was gone. Just like that. At that point, there was nothing else that could keep my attention. — Shooter Jennings

3 Point Shooter Quotes By Dan Padavona

That's the problem today. It ain't the kids' faults. It's the parents who don't trust 'em enough to teach 'em to fend for their own. Now I ain't never been the best shooter, never raised me a prize steer, and there were a hundred guys around here who could fix a roof faster than I could change a light bulb. But the point is I learned how to do lots of different things that parents don't teach kids anymore." "My — Dan Padavona