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2nd Grade Quotes & Sayings

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Top 2nd Grade Quotes

2nd Grade Quotes By Luke Benward

In 2nd grade, a girl who was a friend of mine gave me a homemade valentine. Like, a real, handwritten one! — Luke Benward

2nd Grade Quotes By Michael Cerveris

My father is a university professor so when the schools needed a little kid for their productions I was often the kid they used. The first time I was ever on stage was about 2nd grade. — Michael Cerveris

2nd Grade Quotes By Eric Zorn

I don't know if God exists and I don't care. God's will and design for this temporal and spatial vastness, if any, is so patently, deliberately impenetrable that I doubt any mortal has a grasp on it. The very inexplicability of sad events like the tsunami, like the AIDS crisis or even like the cancer death of the father of one of my daughter's 2nd-grade classmates last week are, to me, reminders to focus on our obligations to one another, not to the infinite; to honor the creator, if any, by honoring creation itself and hoping that's good enough. — Eric Zorn