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15206 Quotes By Ulysses S. Grant

I never wanted to get out of a place as much as I did to get out of the presidency. — Ulysses S. Grant

15206 Quotes By Janet Frame

What, in all the world, could I do to earn my living and still live as myself, as I knew myself to be. Temporary masks, I knew, had their place; everyone was wearing them, they were the human rage; but not masks cemented in place until the wearer could not breathe and was eventually suffocated. — Janet Frame

15206 Quotes By Janette Oke

My name be Clark Davis", he hurried on,"an it peers to me thet you an' me be in need of one another". — Janette Oke

15206 Quotes By C. Manoranjithamoni

Slavery is said to have been unknown among the Tamils". But — C. Manoranjithamoni

15206 Quotes By Karl Donitz

Certainly inside my heart I know degrees of difference. But I can't blame any of these men who share a common fate with me. The big folly of this trial is that it lacks the two men who are to blame for anything which is criminal, namely Hitler and Himmler. — Karl Donitz

15206 Quotes By Sophocles

I tell you, king, this man, this murderer
(whom you have long declared you are in search of,
indicting him in threatening proclamation
as murderer of Laius)- he is here.
In name he is a stranger among citizens
but soon he will be shown to be a citizen
true native Theban, and he'll have no joy
of the discovery: blindness for sight
and beggary for riches his exchange,
he shall go journeying to a foreign country
tapping his way before him with a stick.
He shall be proved father and brother both
to his own children in his house; to her
that gave him birth, a son and husband both;
a fellow sower in his father's bed
with that same father that he murdered.
Go within, reckon that out, and if you find me
mistaken, say I have no skill in prophecy. — Sophocles

15206 Quotes By Thomas Hardy

There was alienation in the standing consciousness that his squareness would not fit the round hole that had been prepared for him. — Thomas Hardy

15206 Quotes By Nick Harkaway

The great thing is to have been surrounded by stories all my life. — Nick Harkaway

15206 Quotes By Umberto Eco

How peaceful life would be without Love, Adso. How Safe. How Tranquil. And how Dull. — Umberto Eco

15206 Quotes By Channing Tatum

Channing does a very good impersonation of men at female strip joints. — Channing Tatum

15206 Quotes By Scott Bakula

I've shot a lot of places, and I've produced. I always thought, 'Gosh, when you shoot in a big city, it's so difficult.' And New York, I always think, 'Where are you going to park the trucks? How are you going to stop the traffic?' — Scott Bakula

15206 Quotes By Mike Birbiglia

When you're in high school, you can't even imagine the concept of what the rest of your life even means. — Mike Birbiglia

15206 Quotes By Peter J. Tomasi

And if there's one thing I've always been sure of, it's that Batman will need a Robin, and Robin will need a Batman. — Peter J. Tomasi

15206 Quotes By Rick Warren

Much of what happens in our world is evil and bad, but God specializes in bringing good out of it. — Rick Warren

15206 Quotes By Logan Marshall-Green

My intention of making acting a career was about being onstage. — Logan Marshall-Green