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Where 'Dragon Quest Monsters' originated from was 'Dragon Quest V,' where you had a monster befriending system as a main part: you could actually befriend monsters and have them fight on behalf of your party, as part of your party. — Yuji Horii

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For U.S. television series, I really like 'Dexter.' — Yuji Horii

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For 'Dragon Quest IX,' one of the biggest things was being able to create your own character and your party members, too. The importance of it is that you can customize the face, the name, or something like that, so the party members are really a reflection of you. It becomes more of your own experience. — Yuji Horii

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I wonder sometimes why the U.S. reviewers are more negative towards turn-based battle systems. — Yuji Horii

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In Japan, there's a TV series called Jin. It deals with time travel. I like stories about time travel. It's a story about people living in modern day that travel back to the Edo era. Those things really interest me. — Yuji Horii

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The most important part of a RPG is the player feeling like they are taking the role of a character in a fully realised fantasy world. They can explore, visit various towns and places, talk to people, customise their character, collect various items, and defeat monsters. The story is not the focus of the experience and is only there to make the atmosphere of the fantasy world more interesting and engaging during the course of the game. — Yuji Horii