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Andy noticed my disposition, rushed over and wrapped his arms round me. This provided Mario the perfect opportunity to use my Valet and me as an example for his monumental demonstration, "While relationships in ancient Greece involved boys from 12 to about 17 or 18, in Renaissance Italy, boys were typically between 14 and 19." He presented us to the cheering crowd as if we were in a forum. — Young

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I encourage you boys to cultivate your sexual energy, to awaken the Kundalini and begin to raise it from the base chakra through the central nervous system, connecting it to your higher Self." I jokingly said, "Should I perform Tantric Sex day in and day out?" The entire group laughed at my joke before Dr. Henderson laughingly responded, "It is definitely easier to achieve this state of consciousness when you practice. A lot! Don't expect it to happen overnight. — Young

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The Adventures of Pinocchio' and would like to have further knowledge to the origins of this puppet. Can you enlighten us)?" Albrecht smiled and replied in English, "My English is not good, but I will do my best to tell the story of a little boy who told lies. Since our friends (indicating to the rest of us) don't speak German, I will tell the story in English." As Mr. Roser related the story of Pinocchio, my guilty conscious began festering, much like Pinocchio's nose and ears growing longer and longer with each lie. As — Young

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I'm happy for you! Do you have to watch out for lecherous men like me lurking about?" Ludwig asked, jokingly. "Ah! I keep your jeweled dagger by my side as my protective weapon, in case men like you should suddenly attack. I am well protected; thank you for your precious gift." They both laughed heartily at my remark. Oberon added, "You are funny, Young, I like you." "I'm glad you do! I am forever indebted to Ludwig for saving me from a deadly scorpion in the Sahara. I owe him one." Ludwig took this opportunity, "Well, now is time to pay up! Let's have a threesome! — Young

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My grandson, Rizq, is of age, which is celebrated in Muslim tradition by his circumcision. The day of his surgery I will be throwing him a Rite of Passage celebration party. I wish for you to provide him with some male sensual and sexual education. "Would you be willing to take on this task of being his mentors? I have asked Gaston and Jacques to educate him in heterosexual lovemaking." Andy looked at me for a response. I nodded so he replied, "We will assist this young man to the best of our ability. Thank you for trusting in us to take on this mentorship role. We are most grateful and honored." "Well, that is wonderful. I'd like Rizq to have a few sexual experiences before his circumcision, and then again after he has healed from his surgery. That way he will better understand the different sensations, before and after circumcision," he replied. — Young

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Andy began losing his erection, and wasn't able to perform. For me, the allure was Kismat's unusualness. My erection was waning. If not for Nirob and Andy's alpha attention, I would not have been able to continue. I'd rather have been a voyeur, watching Kismat and Nirob, than an active participant. Nirob was completely turned on having a Lady Boy and a Pretty Boy simultaneously. He asked Andy to take photographs, thus providing him the perfect excuse to shy away from sexual participation (as he had totally lost his erection). He embraced the camera, clicking away, capturing our three-way action. — Young

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This evening, I've demonstrated coitus interruptus to the both of you." We stared at the Levantine, confused. The doctor snickered at his secretary's statement, as if taking part in a private conspiracy. "Jabril mentioned to me earlier that you didn't understand the meaning of coitus interruptus. Rather than providing a verbal explanation, we decided to give a demonstration," our host explained. Zac and I looked at the men agape. The Levantine smiled lasciviously before adding, "In layman's terms, coitus interruptus, otherwise known as the rejected sexual intercourse, is the withdrawal or pull-out method. "In heterosexual terms, it is a form of birth control in which a man, during intercourse, withdraws his penis from a woman's vagina prior to orgasm. Ejaculating outside her orifice and directing his semen away from the vagina is an effort to avoid insemination. — Young

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Yes indeed! My desires were fulfilled beyond measure. My lover and I emerged from the Bedouin tent a little before sunrise. Finding a quiet spot, we sat in silence, witnessing the morning sun rise above the mountain of Moses, while our host slept peacefully, after an exhausting night of love. — Young

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John asked inquisitively, "You have the hots for each other, don't you? — Young

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Sex was like Disneyland to him: an allotment of organized wonders and legal mischief." Martin Amis — Young

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They ordered from various designers, and returned to Paris several weeks later for their fittings. I was able to attend the fittings also, since I was in Paris working with Aziz on 'Sacred Sex in Sacred Places. — Young

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He said smilingly, "Young man, you're an excellent dancer. Will you be my 'private dancer'? — Young

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The following afternoon, Rizq returned to our chambers. I was curious to find out how his experiment went (his foursome with Caroline, Gaston and Jacques). "Hi Rizq. It is good to see you; how did it go with your four-way?" Rizq looked at the floor, searching for words to describe his experience. "I found it hard to concentrate, as there were all these hands caressing me and everything happening all at once. I lost my concentration. Although I enjoyed the various interactions, I prefer to stick to one-on-one. "I did enjoy being inside Caroline with Gaston in me, from behind. This was very stimulating." I replied, "At least you tried and you can now best decide your preference." Andy asked, "Now, Rizq are you ready to be shaven?" "Yes, I am. — Young