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Although my everyday artwork is tattoo oriented, I definitely do not try to limit my art or art mediums. — William Webb

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It's not always the style of tattooing but the rather the subject matter that drives me. I love tattooing anything from mythology to comic book superheroes. — William Webb

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We are where our thoughts have taken us. — William Webb

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I like walking into the studio everyday and having completely custom, diverse artwork to do. And my clients keep the interesting ideas flowing in. — William Webb

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There are always a lot of jokes and good vibes floating through the studio so tattooing all day doesn't feel like a job. It's rewarding to see my clients as excited as I am. — William Webb

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Tattooing is historical, cultural and a great form of art but it should always be safe for both the client and the tattoo practitioner. — William Webb

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There is no other art medium like tattooing in the world. When the customer comes in with a basic idea, it is up to me to design and translate that idea onto skin. I really appreciate when customers have enough trust in what I can do. — William Webb

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Having previously graduated from a 2-year commercial arts class, I thought that commercial illustration was the best way to make a living doing art. But the more tattoos that I did, the more I realized what artistic career potential tattooing had and I enjoyed it. — William Webb

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I get to do some kind of artwork almost everyday and it just so happens that I can pay the bills and support my family while doing it. — William Webb

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I don't have one specific tattooing specialty. I enjoy doing full-color new school, portraits, neo-traditional, realistic, black and gray, ultra detailed art, etc ... but always custom. — William Webb