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I have seen a lot of beautiful things in my time. I have seen the sun rise and set. I have seen the moon upon the waters reflecting it's love. I have seen roses that's beauty sat upon heaven's doors. I have seen some of the most beautiful things in my life, and none of them can compare to the thought of you. — Vincent Edwards

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Why blame love for the mistakes of your emotions. Blame yourself for calling your emotions love. — Vincent Edwards

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You mean to tell me, you believe that Jesus was born by Mary without having sex? You believe that Jesus walked on water, he turned water into wine. You believe he made a blind man see, and made a dead man come back to life? This is funny, you believe that Jesus died on a cross and three days later came back to life, then moved a big rock to free himself. You believe THAT!!! But you can't believe in yourself??? When all he did was for you to believe. — Vincent Edwards

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When you make a mistake. You can do a little song and dance, put on a little show and have everyone laugh it off.
Or you can own it, and next time show everyone how great you are. While silencing your critiques.

Personally speaking... I don't help no one make a fool out of you. — Vincent Edwards

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There is no man on this earth that has the right to tell you how beautiful you are, for no words we use has enough power to tell that truth. Your beauty can only be describe by the heavens above in a language none of us know. — Vincent Edwards

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We are all pieces to a puzzle in each others lives. We have to decide were each person fits and not force them into a spot they don't belong in. Some pieces are beautiful, others are okay. Certain pieces you like more than others, then there are foundation pieces that outline your puzzle. You do have extra pieces that don't belong at all. But when your puzzle is done, you love each person that makes it whole. — Vincent Edwards

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The beauty of each heart beat is the fact that the heart knows another heart beats for it. — Vincent Edwards

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Love is the beauty of time passing and everything remaining the same between two heart — Vincent Edwards