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Famous Quotes By Vasko Popa

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out of each pain which we dont mention

a chestnut tree grows up and remains mysterious behind us

out of each hope which we cherish astar arises

and move unattainable in front of us — Vasko Popa

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i have wiped your face off my face
ripped your shadow off my shadow
levelled the hills in you
turned your plains into hills
set your seasons at odds within you
turned all the ends of the world from you
wrapped the path of my life around you
my impenetrable my impossible path
now you just try to find me — Vasko Popa

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Sing little box

Don't let sleep overtake you
The world's awake within you

In your four-sided emptiness
We turn distance into nearness
Forgetfulness into memory

Don't let your nails come loose

For the very first time
We watch sights beyond this world
Through your keyhole

Turn your key in our mouths
Swallow words and numbers
Out of your song

Don't let your lid fly open
Your bottom drop

Sing little box — Vasko Popa

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Don't let sleep overtake you; the world's awake within you. — Vasko Popa

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Some bite from the others
A leg an arm or whatever

Take it between their teeth
Run out as fast as they can
Cover it up with earth

The others scatter everywhere
Sniff look sniff look
Dig up the whole earth

If they are lucky and find an arm
Or leg or whatever
It's their turn to bite

The game continues at a lively pace

As long as there are arms
As long as there are legs
As long as there is anything — Vasko Popa

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he is blind in his love
and he sees
no other beauty
save her he loves
who will cost him his life — Vasko Popa

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Let's see you find the world now. — Vasko Popa

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Shut one eye then the other
Peek into every corner of yourself
See that there are no nails no thieves
See that there are no cuckoo's eggs

Shut then the other eye
Squat and jump
Jump high high high
On top of yourself

Fall then with all your weight
Fall for days on end deep deep deep
To the bottom of your abyss

Who doesn't break into pieces
Who remains whole gets up whole
Plays — Vasko Popa