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We've found when soldiers help other soldiers, or military members of any service, it helps them, too. — Valerie Ormond

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Sadie wondered if his focus on the past helped him escape the here and now. — Valerie Ormond

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There are strong similarities in the way horses and those with autism see the world. Horses are often born into an environment they don't understand, with overwhelming sights, sounds, and smells, and a sense that no one understands them. And when they see someone with autism, who has much the same background, and who knows them, and knows what they need - there is a connection. Since the two share the same experiences, they both relax, and seem to talk and understand each other. — Valerie Ormond

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Although she felt gratitude for what her teacher had done, she still couldn't bring herself to thank him for intensifying her hidden fears. — Valerie Ormond

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There's a very interesting dynamic with horses and couples. With couples, the horses react most dramatically. It is amazing how they pick up on underlying tension or other issues that couples themselves don't see. — Valerie Ormond

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That's amazing," Dad said, still watching the two horses interact so comfortably after not seeing each other for so long. Chance stomped and squealed, and Thor bit his neck. "Ouch."

"Oh, that's their way of getting to know each other again. Have to re-establish who's in charge."

Sadie saw mom and dad exchange looks. — Valerie Ormond

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I don't know why Rachel is the way she is, but I hope one day she will get over it. She may be hiding something none of us understand. — Valerie Ormond

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First, no other animals have the same mirroring effect as horses, meaning they will mirror humans' emotions. Second, they are not judgmental or biased. And third, they live within a social structure, heir herds, much the same as we do. — Valerie Ormond

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Mom, why do I find myself trying to be nice to that awful girl Rachel, who has been nasty to me every time I've seen her?"

"Maybe you've spent so much time with horses you've picked up their habits. You know---like how they sense things in people....
Keep following your instincts. You can't go wrong being kind to people, even if they are unkind people themselves. — Valerie Ormond

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He didn't seem to understand how to accept kindness. — Valerie Ormond

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Sometimes it's easier to stay busy and distracted rather than think about things that make you sad. — Valerie Ormond

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I didn't suffer from PTSD, but I changed. People change in life, and not just because of war. I saw this in life before the military, and over and over again during the thirty-one years I served. We can't expect people to stay the same forever; we need to respect those changes. — Valerie Ormond

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But in the end, for the most part, no one wants special favors. These folks just want people like you and me to see them for the people they are, not for their diagnoses or their injuries. — Valerie Ormond

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No reason to dwell on why. We all know bullies are bullies because they have their own problems they can't deal with so they take them out on others. So let's focus on how to get your hat back. — Valerie Ormond

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Sadie had been taking lessons for over a year, and she still learned something each and every time she rode. — Valerie Ormond