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I'm really just a throw-my-hair-into-a-ponytail kind of girl. I don't like styles that are too neat or too done. I don't think I'll ever go too crazy with colors. I stick with my main two: goldish-blonde or black. — Trina

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I'm a huge seafood lover; I could cook it everyday. — Trina

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I prefer to do absolutely nothing. I love to relax. But, if there's a beach around that's where you'll find me. — Trina

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You can't steal my joy because you didn't give it to me! Blessed. — Trina

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I believe that what works for the consumer is to be able to determine what they can pay
even if it is nothing. (Just joking.) Unfortunately, so many depend on credit for living expenses, and the lower payments helped them in the immediate term. I am OK with that. For those who want their minimum to be more, you don't have to wait on your credit issuer to increase the payment
do it on your own. For others, at this time, I think it's a horrible idea. — Trina

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Don't take yourself too seriously. — Trina

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I'm the sexiest when I'm happy because it brings out a lot of confidence. — Trina

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Sabotage is like, so satisfying. — Trina

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I always enjoyed getting dolled up. I grew up surrounded by a bunch of women so you know there were always hair/makeup, clothes, shoes and other girly things around. — Trina