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Her whole life she always pictured falling in love being full of nervous emotion, peaks of romance, and the excitement of wondering if he loved her as much as she loved him. But maybe love was simpler. Maybe true love was finding someone you could talk to with ease, whose heart cared for the same things, and whose dreams could meld with your own. — Tricia Goyer

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I suppose sometimes it takes getting lost to enjoy the joy of being found — Tricia Goyer

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She glanced again at the number of page views on her blog from last month: 18. Three for every post she'd written. Sean, her mother, and Izzy (her best friend), no doubt. Although Allyson wasn't sure if Izzy had read the last post, and her mother had commented that she'd read it twice, pointing out three grammatical errors. — Tricia Goyer

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Every time that God gives us a child, it's His way of saying He trusts us-trusts us to offer love and to guide the child toward Him. — Tricia Goyer

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For so long, she'd taken her memories of Patty - the memories they'd created together - and held them outside of herself, protecting herself from the pain of carrying them deep within. It was as if she carried all the memories in her jars. But if doing so, it was as if she'd also kept everyone else - those still in her life - at arm's length too. — Tricia Goyer

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No matter where she went, God was her family. He was her hope. — Tricia Goyer

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You don't want to look back at your years with regrets. Regrets have no place in your memory jar. — Tricia Goyer

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Don't you realize it's the doing that often gets us into trouble? It's not the doing that makes God happy. It's not about what we've done ... it's about what been done for us. — Tricia Goyer

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Some people my accuse me of doing too much. Sometimes I agree with them. But then there is a part of me that wants to follow God
wholeheartedly, completely and full throttle, wherever He may lead. I don't want to look back fifty years from now and think, What if I had trusted God? Where would I be? — Tricia Goyer

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As she walked, the horror stories she'd heard from Felix and the others became real. This is what their underground efforts were fighting against. These camps, these guards, were reality to thousands of people ... Reality to the person who had just made the trip up the chimney. If they did not stop this madness, it would be the end of them all. — Tricia Goyer

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I also try to weigh my motives. Am I doing what I'm doing because it's what God desires, or because I'm afraid people will be disappointed if I don't? — Tricia Goyer

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With God, it's possible to be content wherever we are, with whatever we have. — Tricia Goyer

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So many times in life we try to protect what we value, but we are doubly blessed when we give it away. Have you given away your love today? Have you shared your faith? If not, what are you waiting for? — Tricia Goyer

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Sunlight and shade,' his oma had commented once. Jathan liked that, mostly because shade meant that even though things were dim for a time, the sun was still there, just on the other side of the barrier. — Tricia Goyer

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God made something special when He made you. — Tricia Goyer

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It's hard to know, isn't it, whether the things we face are just because the world is full of sin and sinful people, or if God is working out a plan,' Grandma continued. 'I happen to think it's both. There's sin, but through it all, He takes the mess we make and paints a masterpiece. In fact, I'm quite certain that before God can ever bless a woman - and use her to impact many - He uses the hammer, the file, and the furnace to do a holy work. — Tricia Goyer

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But flowers feed our soul in a different way. They remind us of a God who creates beautiful things and takes notice of the tiniest detail — Tricia Goyer

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She was drowning - in friendliness, in community - and she was starting to think she didn't want to get pulled out. — Tricia Goyer

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Dat had always told her that whenever you got angry at another person, it was an opportunity to take a glimpse of your own faults. — Tricia Goyer

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From the shelf. Ben's stomach churned as he pulled out Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. Kenzie would enjoy them, but had Marianna ever read those books before? Not that Dr. Seuss was literature. What — Tricia Goyer

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God created you with special talents for a purpose, and sometimes those we love most don't understand that. Don't let the doubts of others ring louder than God's whispers to your spirit. Sometimes God's whispers are harder to hear, but they're to be trusted the most. — Tricia Goyer

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Thank you for reminding me that the future is in God's hands.'" "'You're welcome. And remember, wherever you go, in body and mind, you simply need to call out to God and He is there — Tricia Goyer