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Famous Quotes By Tony Blankley

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As boom- and bust-prone as high finance always has been and remains, the greatest systemic risk to our economy is not Wall Street It's the growing federal debt (and weakening dollar) being enacted by those Washington politicians - the ones who want to protect us from Wall Street. — Tony Blankley

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We think we can't survive without deficit spending - but we soon won't be able to survive with deficit spending, either. — Tony Blankley

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A Diogenesian search for an honest person would rarely lead to the author of a memoir. — Tony Blankley

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While, as I recall, conservative little boys practice quick draw with their cap guns while playing cowboys and Indians, apparently liberal little boys practice how fast they can throw up their hands to surrender to the guys in the black hats. — Tony Blankley

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The Republican party must break with its long-established instinct for caution and make a bold stand for first principles of freedom and constitutional limitations on government - from full repeal of Obamacare to rolling back multitrillion-dollar deficits. This is not so much a reproach of past Republican conduct as it is a recognition of new opportunities. — Tony Blankley

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The closer one gets to elections or wars, the further one gets from the truth. — Tony Blankley

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I've always found that avoiding insanity is useful in life - which in American politics sometimes puts one in the minority. — Tony Blankley

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Starting in 1994, with the Republican election of Congress, I think [Rush] Limbaugh made a difference in electing the Republican majority. In the following three elections, he made the difference holding the majority. And in 2000, in the presidential race in Florida, he was the difference between Gore and Bush winning Florida, and thus the Presidency. — Tony Blankley