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You have to make rough decisions with sequencing and work within the limitations of having good audio for 15 minutes on a vinyl side. — Tim Hecker

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I'm not a peak oil person. I'm not a biohazard apocalyptic kind of freak. I don't have a supply of weapons or gold bars under my house. — Tim Hecker

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Vinyl's just a fun endgame step. I work with analogue signal chains too, but the mp3 is the way I listen to music. — Tim Hecker

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I'm not a nostalgic person for the glory days of 8-track sales at the local K-Mart. But there's a little bit of flattery and a little bit of horror. It's a mixture. It's like sublime shock and awe, but also terror. That's always the way I feel about how music flows through those types of networks. I'm mostly cool with it, but I definitely appreciate when people support the work. — Tim Hecker

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Because I refuse to perform my music in a traditional sense of instrumentation, I don't have an amazing live stage spectacle to provide, and I don't want to go there. I don't see how the music would stay true to the spirit of the work. — Tim Hecker

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My peer network is international. It's people all over the place who I know, and respect their work. It's not really delineated by traditional nationalist ideas. — Tim Hecker

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I love vinyl, but I'm not a 'vinyl person'. I still collect, but most of my stuff is digital. — Tim Hecker

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Sometimes it's a fraught, kind of laden world of performance that I think can be really dubious, but it's also super fun to almost desecrate an instrument that for 500 years has been associated with God. — Tim Hecker

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Working with devices and guitar pedals and mixers and synthesizers is what I do, and I prefer people not focus on that because it's kind of distracting from what the point should be. At least for me, it's to have the primacy of aurality in the experience of that evening. — Tim Hecker

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I'm not an anti-online person. I get what the modern world's about and I understand that that's the nature of music dissemination. — Tim Hecker

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I download music just like anybody else, but it's a weird relationship when you're a musician. — Tim Hecker

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There have always been people making music. On their porches, playing folk songs. Playing piano in quiet salons. You don't have to listen to every MySpace page, so what's the difference? It's just noise that you filter out. — Tim Hecker