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Tocqueville was correct in his rendition of how the Constitution was formed, but he likely never dreamed that an American president would ever send an invading army to kill some 300,000 of his own citizens in order to destroy the right of secession, a right that all of America's founding fathers held as sacrosanct and that was at the very heart of the American system of government. — Thomas J. DiLorenzo

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The Jeffersonians "hated and feared" the Jacobin concept of a "general will," wrote Felix Morley in Freedom and Federalism.29 For if "the general will" were to become a practical reality regarding the operation of government, then all voluntary associations must be subjected to government regulation and control in the name of "the people" and their "will" - as interpreted by a ruling elite. This would be the road to serfdom and the end of individual liberty. — Thomas J. DiLorenzo

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Socialism is socialism. Government run enterprises are just as inept under democratic governments as they are under autocratic governments. — Thomas J. DiLorenzo