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Famous Quotes By Tammy Faith

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This time I don't have enough time to pull back before he takes my hand. "You'll always be my love, that will never change. You'll always be the girl who became my whole heart when I barely understood what love was. I really thought we would make it until the end, you know? I hate that we didn't. — Tammy Faith

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I take a faltering step towards him, my blood pounding, my veins charged with pent-up energy begging me to run. I lace my hands around his neck and place my ear over his chest, listening to his heart. I trust him, he just needs to calm down. He's stiff at first. He sighs and his whole body deflates, melting against mine. The steady thuds in my ears slow down and he hugs me back, his mouth leaving a trail of sweet kisses on my head as his fingers softly scratch my scalp. — Tammy Faith

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I squeeze his hand to let him know that I get it, that I share his pain. That's the moment when I think I finally understand what my science teachers tried to explain when they talked about thermal energy. My atoms are in motion making a path from my fingertips where I connect with him, spreading to my whole body and getting me hotter by the second. All my molecules seem to be moving and vibrating on their own accord, faster and faster and making my hand feels tingly. Whenever I'm around him I always have this warmth that surrounds me. When I get all flustered because he is making me all hot and bothered without even meaning to, the heat starts to resemble a fever. Now, it's like a volcano erupted all over me. It's passion and love and suffering all smashed together and linked between our hands. A little ball of emotions that keeps expanding. — Tammy Faith

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The day I had turned twelve, I had asked him for a kiss. Not any kiss, Crisanto Tauli's kisses. Those were addictive. Butterfly-like, feather-light kisses. Fire-burning, all-consuming kisses. Middle kisses. All the kisses. — Tammy Faith

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This mix of love and hate, this blend of trust and hurt I have for him is so confusing even I can't understand it.
He leaves, and I break. — Tammy Faith

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I shake my head. He doesn't understand. The same face that once pulled me in still holds that magnetism, but it's closely netted with despise. This mix of love and hate, this blend of trust and hurt I have for him is so confusing even I can't understand it. How do you explain to someone you love that you are repulsed by the thought of wanting them? I can't even begin to comprehend it myself. — Tammy Faith

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Her bright green eyes pop against the smudged black mascara. There's so much pain hidden inside those liquid pools, and I want to unravel her.
I'd like to soften up her edges till they're so blurry I'm the only thing she can focus on, the only thing she can see. I need to light a fire where her heart has been left cold and hardened, rearranging her broken pieces around mine in a way I can make them fit together. I want to crawl inside of her so deep she can't use me like she's used to and then get rid of me and forget we happened. — Tammy Faith

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I hug him. I forget about my fears, about who I am and who he is, and I hug him. He keeps a tight grip on me like I'm his last hope, like I'm the only thing holding him together. We are a mingle of limbs, a frantic mess of intertwined heartbeats racing one another. — Tammy Faith

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He leans towards me for a kiss and our mouths fuse. I explode. I'm all over him, absorbing his warmth and the beat of his heart. It's like he knows my pain, and he's trying to erase it. It's like he's bringing me back to life with every brush of our lips. — Tammy Faith

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A single fleeting word has the power to make or break a person. — Tammy Faith

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Some people you meet slowly, and others you get to know in a second. Incredibly fast, as if you've known them your whole life and you just revisiting an old memory — Tammy Faith

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Our breaths mingled, our mouths found one another and his hands gripped mine tightly as we kissed. For two hours. He never once stopped holding my hands, even when they were sweaty, and I never once stopped smiling, even when he was kissing me. Awkward was good, because it was with him. He made awkward perfect.
That day was the beginning of forever.
Nobody told me the road was going to be bumpy. — Tammy Faith

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I found out a long time ago it's more fun being the wicked witch than the helpless princess. — Tammy Faith

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Sometimes I think I am made of air, like a balloon. Filled with so much emptiness that I just know one day I'm going to explode. I'm bracing myself for it. For the nothingness colliding hard and fast against me, in a way that I won't be able to stop it or protect myself from it.
What terrifies me the most is the fact that maybe I won't want to stop it. That I won't want to protect myself. That I've surrendered, accepted this and conformed to it — Tammy Faith

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He's summer and I'm winter. — Tammy Faith

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I stood up to walk the long way back home in my wrinkled dress, legs shaking and throat burning with contained tears. As the torn lace of the white skirt I was wearing grazed my thighs, I knew for certain two things: I had no panties on, and there was a hollow space where my soul used to be. The soft and warm summer breeze punched me repeatedly, swaying my frail body around. — Tammy Faith

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Your kisses. Your smile. You're pretty close to perfect to me." I kiss her forehead, and draw circles with the pad of my thumb against her neck. She goes calm, like a hurricane suddenly becoming a light breeze.
She nods, letting go of me. Funny thing, it still seems like she's squeezing my heart. — Tammy Faith

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It's true, love should be balanced. Some me, enough of you, a little bit of us. But when you are in love it's hard to set boundaries. Where does he end? Where do I begin? It's blurry. — Tammy Faith

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Nobody is happy all the damn time. It doesn't work like that. But if you are more happy than sad then maybe you aren't barely existing — Tammy Faith