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Famous Quotes By Talbot Mundy

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If a man stole my dinner, I might let him run; but if he stole my horse, he and I and death would play hide-and-seek! ~~ Ranjoor Singh — Talbot Mundy

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I hate to feel squeamish almost as much as I hate to sit and think, both being sure-fire ways of getting into trouble. The only safe thing I know is to follow opportunity and leave the man behind to do the worrying. More people die lingering, ghastly deaths in arm-chairs and in bed than anywhere. — Talbot Mundy

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Since dugpas wished to get you out of here, where you were safe, how
else should they expel you than by causing you to expel yourselves by
violence? When fools make war they expend their resources squandering
money and life and food until the victor loses with the vanquished,
and another, who is wiser, overwhelms them both. No dugpa would do
such foolishness. He sacrifices little dugpas, even as the governments
send soldiers to be slain, because there are always plenty who will
fill the lower ranks. But one little sleepy, stupid, belly-loving
dugpa is as useful to him as an army that a government flatters and
sends to its death; because he wages war by causing his enemy to
make mistakes, and he wins not by what he himself does, but through
the self-destroying acts of whomsoever he would conquer. — Talbot Mundy

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Good women don't reform bad men, they only irritate them. — Talbot Mundy

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For a government,' said the god, 'is nothing but a mirror of your minds--tyrannical for tyrants--hypocritical for hypocrites --corrupt for those who are indifferent--extravagant and wasteful for the selfish--strong and honorable only toward honest men. — Talbot Mundy

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But he spoke English better than I, he having mastered it, whereas I was only born to its careless use. — Talbot Mundy

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Amid the echoes of the roar of the guns in Flanders, the world is inclined to overlook India's share in it all and the stout proud loyalty of Indian hearts. May this tribute to the gallant Indian gentlemen who came to fight our battles serve to remind its readers that they who give their best, and they who take, are one. — Talbot Mundy

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I am a lama," said the man in yellow. "It is lamas who identify
incarnate Buddhas. If I say the Lord Chenresi is among us, some
will listen. Some of high rank will confirm my word. It is a good
thing for religion to have manifestations--which have been scarce
of late, and men are not so respectful as they used to be. Also,
it is a long way from Lhassa to this monastery. There can be a
rumor sent forth, that will take hold and excite, arousing the hope
of people, of whom many will be monks. So that they who will be
sent from Lhassa to investigate will not dare to deny the story,
knowing how much safer it is to deceive men than to undeceive them. — Talbot Mundy

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Silence is the only safe answer to Silence. — Talbot Mundy

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They're hypnotists. They're incredibly expert psychologists. And
they're just as keen on getting control of the whole world as, for
instance, the Bolshevists are. They believe in their black science
as enthusiastically as the Bolshevists believe in communism--much
more enthusiastically, that is, than most Christians believe in
Christianity. And remember: those men who have caught Rait are
merely the small fry who take orders from the higher-ups behind
the scenes.

"They may propose to catch us, and psychologize us, and make use
of us in some way. The White Lodge accepts chelas. Christians
make converts and put them to work. Everybody with a bug in his
head tries to rope in everybody else--so why not dugpas? — Talbot Mundy

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A deed--who measures it? Who knows the limits of a mended wheel or reckons up the leagues it shall lay underfoot?--what burdens it shall bear?--whose destiny it shall await and serve? — Talbot Mundy

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There be many gurus, and some good ones whom it is no great task
to differentiate, seeing that those who make the loudest claim
are least entitled to respect. They who are the true guides into
Knowledge know that nothing can be taught, although the learner
easily can be assisted to discover what is in himself. Other than
which there is no knowledge of importance, except this: that what
is in himself is everywhere.--From The Book Of The Sayings Of
Tsiang Samdup — Talbot Mundy

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Teach a child arithmetic," he said at last, "and he can use it to
cheat with, can't he? Teach a man the laws and forces of the
universe, and he can turn them against his teacher, can't he?
Give a child a box of matches, and there will always be some one
to show him how to set fire to a house. Teach me spiritual knowledge,
and for every one desire to use it rightly I shall have a thousand
impulses to do the wrong thing. Persistence in thinking the wrong
thing makes a man a fool if he is untaught and a dugpa if he knows
too much. Do you think you know enough to be a dugpa? — Talbot Mundy

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What is beyond the darkness? Some say chaos and darker night. I say sunrise. — Talbot Mundy

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Some of them will welcome me as small boys do a teacher, telling me the little secrets better to conceal the big ones.For I tell you, that secrets are not kept by being secretive; — Talbot Mundy

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She's tall - maybe a mite too tall for some folks' notions - and mid-Victorian mamas would never have approved of her, because she's no more coy, or shy, or artful than the blue sky overhead. She has violet eyes, riotous hair of a shade between brown and gold, a straight, shapely little nose, a mouth that is all laughter, and a way of carrying herself that puts you in mind of all out-doors. I've seen her in evening dress with diamonds on; and much more frequently in riding-breeches and a soft felt hat; but there's always the same effect of natural-born honesty, and laughter, and love of trees and things and people. She's not a woman who wants to ape men, but a woman who can mix with men without being soiled or spoiled. For the rest, she's not married yet, so there's a chance for all of us except me. She turned me down long ago. — Talbot Mundy

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I, myself, searched for Sham-bha-la for eleven years.
I am perhaps a little wiser than I was, but it may be I am only
lazy and afraid. At any rate, it seems to me a waste of energy
to try to learn what is beyond my understanding. I don't even
understand my own religion. How shall I understand that of
individuals whose thinking is said to comprehend all religions
and philosophies and all the problems of the human race? — Talbot Mundy

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Fear is an ugly weapon, sahib, whose hilt is more dangerous than its blade. — Talbot Mundy

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I spoke to you all of the Wheel," he said quietly. "The Wheel turns and unless we are alert an opportunity is snatched or taken, for us or against us. In a place, which you shall see, the Nine have preserved for centuries a truth - knowledge of a truth, that is; for truth is like skill, unless used constantly it disappears. The time will come, but is not yet, when that truth may be given to the world with safety. Those in whose hands the ancient secrets are, being human, have made mistakes. Knowledge in the hands of criminals and fools is worse than ignorance. — Talbot Mundy