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I was lost
And sang my broken-down songs in the hell of the hour.
Then in my heart moved an oar,
And I was found by a breeze from a door in the sea of forms
And was rowed to the cherry trees on the shore. — Stan Rice

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For the book unwritten is the book burned. — Stan Rice

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Bend down, bend down. Excess is the only ease,
so bend. The sun is in the tree.
Put your mouth on mine. Bend down
beam & slash, for Dread is dreamed-up-scenes
of what comes after death. Is being
fled from what bends down in pain.
The elbow bends in the brain, lifts the cup.
The worst is yet to dream you up,
so bend down the intrigue
you dreamed. Flee the hayneedle in the brain's
Excess allures by leaps. Stars burn clean. Oriole bitches and gleams. Dread is the fear of being
forever. So bend. Bend down and kiss
what you see. — Stan Rice

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And the rain is brain colored, and the thunder sounds like somthing rembering somthing. — Stan Rice

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And what is an angel
but a ghost in drag? — Stan Rice

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The Murder Burger is served right here.
You need not wait at the gate of Heaven for unleavened death.
You can be a goner on this very corner.
Mayonnaise, onions, dominance of flesh.
If you wish to eat it you must feed it.
Yall come back soon.
You bet. — Stan Rice

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The brain is a furnace./
Is transformed and transforms. — Stan Rice

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And the rain was brain colored
and the thunder sounded like something remembering something. — Stan Rice