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Setona Mizushiro Quotes & Sayings

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The ones who stay unnoticed often see the most. They live out other people's lives, since their own are so unremarkable ... — Setona Mizushiro

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If the one who gave me life wants the real me to die ... then all I can do is die. — Setona Mizushiro

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I'm like a moth that flew into your web of its own accord. I'm dreaming of the day you'll devour me ... But you just give me sweet nectar so I won't die. Then, one day, an adorable butterfly gets caught in your web. And right in front of my eyes, you devour her with relish. When I've seen this for myself, I can finally be free ... — Setona Mizushiro

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Loving words are difficult for me. I know my feelings won't get throught to you. You're blocking the way. And so am I. This ditch won't be filled forever. So I'll build a bridge. If it gets washed away in a muddy stream, I'll rebuild it. Are things in life so easily broken? It doesn't matter. It's okay. — Setona Mizushiro

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You'll probably throw me out eventually. Next week..or twenty years from now ... Sooner or later, you'll get worn out ... And leave me for real ... Maybe I'll gaze, dumbfounded, at a life with nothing left. That's okay, I'll watch you leave ... knowing our love has died. I'll adorn the road of death with flowers. Since that's all I can do. — Setona Mizushiro

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Don't you think the Gods put some thought into where they put the prostate gland? — Setona Mizushiro

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Stop looking at what everyone else has! You have to figure out who you are before you can be anyone! — Setona Mizushiro