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And it's time you stop dickering around and accept yourself a suit." Penelope's eyes went wide. "You think I've been dickering around?" "Penelope, language. Please. — Sarah MacLean

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I am happy to pay you," she announced. "For your services."
A harsh, strangled sound cut through the room. It came from him. "Pay me."
She nodded. "Would say, twenty-five pounds do?"
Her brows knit together. "Of course, a person of your
is worth more. I apologize for the offense. Fifty? I'm afraid I can't go much higher. It's quite a bit of money. — Sarah MacLean

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And ... as long as they need me, it's easier to forget that I am alone. — Sarah MacLean

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Ah, but then I would be a widow. No one insults widows. — Sarah MacLean

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The truth was that women in Britain in 1833 did not have options. They had the path upon which they tread. Upon which they were forced to tread. Upon which they were made to feel grateful they were forced to tread. — Sarah MacLean

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God help him, he wanted to kiss her senseless, odd or not. He wanted to kiss her senseless because she was odd. — Sarah MacLean

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Viscount St. John? He's got the intelligence of a goat. If this is an indication of the kind of suitors I've got simpering after me, it speaks to a significant problem with my perceived quality." "Alexandra, there are some forty bouquets in this room alone, and I've had several posies sent to the upstairs parlor because of space constraints here. I feel confident that there are several notes from gentlemen who are not dull-witted. — Sarah MacLean

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You must be mistaken," Isabel said, unconcerned by the insult that the words carried.
"I assure you i am not. Voluptas is nearly always portrayed wrapped in roses. If that were not enough, her faces confirms her identity."
"You cannot tell a goddess from a face carved in marble," she scoffed.
"You can tell Voluptas by her face."
"I've never even heard of this goddess, and you know what she looks like?"
"She is the goddess of sensual pleasure."
Isabel's mouth fell open at the words. She could not think of a single thing to say in response. "Oh — Sarah MacLean

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Perhaps you should exhibit some of the character you are showing this evening in a more public forum," he said. "I'll admit you seem far more intriguing than I have ever given you credit for, my lady, and intrigue is the spark of desire. — Sarah MacLean

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To be honest, I thought it was similar to animal husbandry."
Sally's tone turned dry. "Sometimes, my lady I'm afraid it isn't that different."
Pippa paused, considering the ords. "Is that so?"
"Men are uncomplicated, generally," Sally said, all too sage. "They're beasts when they want to be."
"Brute ones!"
"Ah, so you understand."
Pippa tilted her head to one side. "I've read about them."
Sally nodded. "Erotic texts?"
"The book of Common Prayer ... — Sarah MacLean

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In all his life, there had never been anything Cross had wanted to do more than throw this strange woman down on his desk and give her precisely that for which she was asking. Desire was irrelevant. Or perhaps it was the only thing that was relevant. Either way, he could not assist Lady Philippa Marbury. She was the most dangerous female he'd ever met. — Sarah MacLean

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He captured her wild gaze with his own. "Look at me, Empress. I want to see you come undone. I want to watch you go over the edge with me."
"I can't-I--I don't know--how." She thrashed her head from one side to the other, panting out words.
"We shall discover it together."
And they did. The coiled tension within her was set free, and she convulsed around him in a perfect prison, milking him with sweet, unbearable rhythm. She cried out his name, scoring his shoulders with her fingernails as she grabbed hold of him, and he watched her come unraveled.
And then, only then, once she had found her pleasure, did he take his own, calling out as he followed her over the edge with a force he had never before experienced. — Sarah MacLean

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Of all the myriad ways we define love, there is perhaps none more honest and powerful than this: Great love is rooted in great partnership. — Sarah MacLean

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I do, love. I want you more than you could ever know. More than I could have ever dreamed. I want you enough for two men. For ten. — Sarah MacLean

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After the long silence, Mara said, "You know, I never thought I could have love." "Neither did I, though I wanted it quite desperately," Penelope added, standing and moving to the pram in the corner, where she settled the sleeping future duke into his pristine cocoon of blankets. "I did not think it was real," Pippa said. "I could not see it, and therefore, I did not believe it. — Sarah MacLean

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Gone are the days when heroes are emotionally locked away from the world until the end of the book, and thank goodness for that. Modern romance heroes are more complex than ever. — Sarah MacLean

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I'm certain Blackmoor will protect you from anything over unusual, my dear." Alex looked at her companion and tilted her head, pretending to consider the statement before turning back to the countess. "I suppose he'll have to do. — Sarah MacLean

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Like so many others, I came to romance during the golden age of it - Judith McNaught, Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey and Jude Deveraux were at the height of their historical domination. Without those women, I wouldn't be a romance novelist. — Sarah MacLean

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The truth always did write well. — Sarah MacLean

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To be honest, Nick, I'd be surprised to hear these three speaking of having their heart stolen ... with an attitude like this ... I'm guessing this lot is much more interested in who will be the first man to have his heart stolen
they don't seem the wallflower type. — Sarah MacLean

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But it didn't stop him from loving her just a little. From loving all women - all shapes, all sizes, all walks of life. Their soft skin and softer curves, the way they gasped and giggled and sighed, the way the wealthy ones played their coy games, and the less fortunate ones looked at him, stars in their eyes, eager for his attention. Women were, without a doubt, the Lord's finest creation. And, at twenty-three, he had plans for a lifetime of worshipping them. — Sarah MacLean

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She accused him of not thinking she was enough for him? The woman was entirely too much for him! She made him want to bellow with rage and hit things, then lock her in a room and kiss her senseless, until she gave in. — Sarah MacLean

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I love your laugh. I want to hear it every day. I want to be through all this darkness and devastation. I want happiness now. I want our due. I want what we've deserved from the beginning." He paused and stared deep into her eyes, willing her to understand how much he loved her. "I want you. — Sarah MacLean

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Love isn't one-sided and selfish.It is full and generous and life-altering in the best of ways.Love does not destroy, Gabriel.It creates. — Sarah MacLean

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Sometimes, love was not enough. — Sarah MacLean

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But there, in that remarkable room, surrounded by a laughing, rollicking, unseeing collection of London's brightest and wickedest, Pippa's knowledge of anatomy expanded.
It seemed there was such a thing as a broken heart. — Sarah MacLean

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I've got it! Let's get Alex married off as quickly as possible. That will make it easier for all of us!" Nick spoke with dry humor, "I'm not sure it would make it easier for Alex." Kit feigned disappointment. "Nor her husband, I suspect." "I don't expect many men will be too thrilled at the prospect of courting Alex, to be honest, what with having us to contend with," Will said, then added, "I confess, the only thing I am looking forward to is terrifying her potential suitors." Kit chuckled. "It's an additional benefit that, in terrifying them, we shall infuriate her." The — Sarah MacLean

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She looked up at him and said,"What did you say?"
"You have beautiful eyes."
"You told my father that he has beautiful eyes?"
He smiled. "No. You distracted me. I told your father that, while I was very grateful for the lesson, I doubt I would ever need of it again- because I was planning to court only one woman in my lifetime. — Sarah MacLean

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If you think back to your time as a teenager, everything was dramatic. — Sarah MacLean

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We cannot marry,' she said softly.
He kissed the top of her head. 'Sleep with me tonight, and let me convince you tomorrow why it is the best of all my ideas. — Sarah MacLean

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Here's the thing about romance novels: The moment when the hero and heroine discover that they're perfect for each other is often the moment when it's them against the world. — Sarah MacLean

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I think romance is maligned in large part because at first glance, love seems so pedestrian. It's all around us. It's in books and songs and movies and on billboards, so how could it really hold literary value? But what people tend to forget is that the search for love - for the simple idea that there is someone out there who will see us for who we are and accept us isn't trite. It's a huge part of our lives. And it's an enormous part of our dreams.
There are so many fabulous romances out there - there's something for everyone. I really believe that. And I believe that most of the people who look down their noses at the genre haven't ever read a romance novel. I think that if they did, they'd be really surprised by how good great romance can be. — Sarah MacLean

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Does it hurt?" Like a bastard. "Women are known for their ability to endure pain." "Mmm. And to think you are considered the weaker sex." She cut him a look. "A label no doubt assigned by a man who never witnessed a childbirth. — Sarah MacLean

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If I am an empress, he is the only man worthy of being my emperor. — Sarah MacLean

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He continued. "So I shall simply tell you the truth. I have spent my entire life preparing for a cold, unfeeling, unimpassioned life - a life filled with pleasantries and simplicity. And then you came into it . . . you . . . the opposite of all that. You are beautiful and brilliant and bold and so very passionate about life and love and those things that you believe in. And you taught me that everything I believed, everything I thought I wanted, everything I had spent my life espousing - all of it . . . it is wrong. I want your version of life . . . vivid and emotional and messy and wonderful and filled with happiness. But I cannot have it without you.
"I love you, Juliana. I love the way you have turned my entire life upside down, and I am not certain I could live without you now that I have lived with you. — Sarah MacLean

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He smiled, setting his forehead to hers. "you are very bad for me. I am trying to turn over a new leaf
I am trying to be more gentlemanly."
"But what if I want you to stay a rake?" she teased, her fingers trailing down his neck and chest, fingering the buttons on his waistcoat. "A libertine, even?" she slipped one fastening from its seat and he grabbed her errant hand, bringing it to his lips for a swift kiss.
"Callie," he said, his voice thick with warning as she set her free hand to the second button on his coat.
"What if I want the rogue, Gabriel?" the question was soft and sweet.
"What are you saying?"
She kissed across the firm square line of his jaw and whispered to him, shyness in her shaking voice, "Take me to bed, Gabriel. Give me a taste of scandal. — Sarah MacLean

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the smattering of candles about the dark room gave the illusion of dancing in starlight. The moment made her believe that if she spoke her desires aloud, they might actually come true. — Sarah MacLean

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You do well to remember that battles are won and lost in their final stages. This time requires constancy, determination, and endurance! Pearls and Pelisses June 1823 I — Sarah MacLean

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Don't be so sily, Philippa," the marchioness said, "Lord Castleton is an earl. Beggars cannot be choosers." Penelope gritted her teeth at the adage, her mother's favorite when discussing her unmarried daughters' prospects. Pippa turned her blue gaze on her mother. "I was not aware that I was begging. — Sarah MacLean

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She gasped, grasping his forearm with her hand.
He growled low in his throat as he watched her attempt to understand the feelings coursing through her. When he spoke, his voice was rough with his own response. "I think you want more than that. — Sarah MacLean

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She did not know how long he stood caressing her before he lifted her hand to his lips and pressed his mouth to the bare skin of her wrist. Her eyes closed against the flood of sensation that came with the touch- the softness of his lips, parted just enough to breathe a hot, moist kiss upon her before he scraped his teeth against the sensitive spot. She heard her own gasp and opened her eyes just in time to feel his tongue soothing the skin. He boldly met her gaze as he wreaked havoc on her senses, and she couldn't help but watch him, knowing that he knew exactly what he was doing to her. — Sarah MacLean

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Penelope!" Lady Needham stood just inside the door to the dining room, stick straight, her hands clenched in little fists, confusing the footmen, frozen in uncertainty, wondering if dinner should be served or not. "Thomas proposed!" "Yes. I was present for that bit," Penelope said. — Sarah MacLean

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Cruelty is not the only way fathers can ruin their sons. Expectations can do the same damage. — Sarah MacLean

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But she had dreamed of being his for too long. He had quite ruined her for a marriage of convenience. She wanted everything from him: his mind, his body, his name and, most of all, his heart. — Sarah MacLean

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The man was a legendary scoundrel. An expert ruiner of young ladies. And he'd never once been punished for it. Perhaps because he was so very good at it. It seemed a shame to punish someone for what was clearly a remarkable skill. — Sarah MacLean

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Writing about sex is a challenge for the same reason sex is a challenge. Because it's complicated. Because it doesn't always make sense and it isn't always perfect and it's sometimes awful and it's sometimes hilarious. But underneath all the clever wordplay, it's about hope. Hope that someone will see us, and accept us, and perhaps - after all that - choose us. It's the barest we will ever be. The barest a character will ever be. That's why it's difficult.
As for what makes a good sex scene, a romance novelist would have told you that when done well and with a skilled hand, the best sex scenes can at once arouse and empower. Sex on the page gives readers the freedom to explore their own sexuality, their own pleasures, their own identities. With hope. And without judgment. — Sarah MacLean

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When given the opportunity, Society will happily cannibalize itself. — Sarah MacLean

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I do hope we shall meet again. Perhaps we could have a reading club of some sorts. I 've read that one." She leaned in. "Have you reached the part where Mr. Darcy proposes?"
Asriel narrowed his gaze on Cross. "She did that on purpose."
Pippa shook her head. "Oh, I did not ruin it. Elizabeth refuses." She paused. "I suppose I did ruin that. Apologies. — Sarah MacLean

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The sadness and shock in his voice devastated Alex, and she wrapped her arms around him. He remained still, not responding to her attempt to comfort him for the first few seconds until, consumed by emotion, he caught her in an intense embrace, burying his face in her neck. They stayed that way, wrapped tightly together, sharing their strength in the silence. And — Sarah MacLean

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You have opposition to love?"
"Not opposition so much as skepticism. I make it a practice not to believe in things I cannot see. — Sarah MacLean

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How could she go on without him? And, at the same time, how could she go on knowing that every
moment of their time together had meant so little to him — Sarah MacLean

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She'd dared him to discover the emotion but had been unprepared to discover it herself. — Sarah MacLean

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I am through with the four of you being so cavalier about your prospects for marriage and a future. You will all attend the house party and, more so, you will all enjoy it." "You cannot force us to enjoy it, Mother," Kit said with a smile. "You forget that I'm a duchess, Christopher. I can do whatever I like." She — Sarah MacLean

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As though he sensed her thoughts, Gavin turned and met her gaze. Several seconds passed and he winked, as if to assure her that her worries were unnecessary. One side of his mouth raised in a lopsided smile, he turned back to her brothers, and Alex refocused on Ella and Vivi's conversation, pushing her questions to the back of her mind for the time being, and promising herself she'd find a moment alone with him later. — Sarah MacLean

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The Prince shall think you the most beautiful lady he's ever seen."
Alex replied wryly, "Let's hope that's not the case, Eliza. History teaches us that things never end well when royalty set their eyes on 'the most beautiful
lady' they've ever seen. Have a care; if you perform your tasks too well, I could be haunting the Tower of London without a head, alongside Anne Boleyn. — Sarah MacLean

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There's no reason to be so dramatic, Alexandra. You like the country. Remember?" "I know," she replied with reservation, "I just hate the season." "Well, that's all the more reason to get yourself married - and avoid having to have another," her mother said with a broad grin that reminded Alex of her brothers on their most infuriating of days. — Sarah MacLean

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What are you doing out here all alone?" Alex didn't hide the surprise in her tone as she stepped into her friend's path. The question caught Ella unaware and, with an extraordinarily loud shriek, she jumped into the air, terrified. The sight was so comical that Alex doubled over with welcome laughter. When she straightened again, Ella was holding her hand to her chest, waiting for her heart to stop racing. She said sternly, "That wasn't as amusing as you seem to think." Alex smirked at her friend. "That's because you were on the wrong end of the hilarity. You are incredibly well met, Ella. — Sarah MacLean

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With a sigh, she turned back and caught her father's quick smile as he leaned down and proffered his arm. "Terrifying, isn't it?" "Quite." She took the offered arm and matched his grin with one of her own. "How do you ever survive it?" With a brief, almost imperceptible nod toward her mother, who had turned from her position just steps ahead to wait for them, he answered, "'Tis a duke's duty to make his duchess happy, moppet." Alex's smile broadened at his answer. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1096613

The best partnerships aren't dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1193112

You plan to be a challenge, do you?"
Juliana smiled angelically. "I agreed to remain, my lord. Not to remain silent. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1206837

No matter how troubled a character's history, romance novels tell us, love can be built upon it, and happily-ever-after can result. What's more, the darker the past, the brighter the future - and the better the read. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1210325

Life is mad all the time. Our task is to not let it make us mad in the process. — Sarah MacLean

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Alex pushed open the door to Sewell Hall and rushed inside, breathing heavily and wishing she hadn't worn her corset stays quite so tight this morning. "Vanity be damned," she huffed to herself. "Loveliness will do me no good with Blackmoor if I drop dead from lack of air before he sees me. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1258918

You are beautiful and brilliant and bold and so very passionate about life and love and those things that you believe in. And you taught me that everything I believed, everything I thought I wanted, everything I had spent my life espousing
all of it ... it is wrong. I want your version of life ... vivid and emotional and messy and wonderful and filled with happiness. But I cannot have it without you. — Sarah MacLean

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But somewhere, deep within her, she knew that if she opened up to this man, it would be the most dangerous thing she ever did. He made her want to believe that she could share her burdens. When the truth was that she was alone. And she always would be. — Sarah MacLean

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How long has it been since you've slept?" Chase asked.
"I sleep." Not much.
"How long since you've slept more than an hour here and there?"
"I do not require a mother."
Chase lifted a brow. "Perhaps a wife, then?"
Bourne wished Chase were in the damn ring, too. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1305953

Ask him about things Englishmen like. Horses. Hats. Umbrellas." She raised a brow. "Umbrellas." "Titled Englishmen seem to be exceedingly concerned with the weather." "It does not rain in Scotland?" "It rains, lass. But we are grown men and so we do not weep with the wet. — Sarah MacLean

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I want to wake up one morning and know how to write page one, or page 10, or page 250. But I never seem to know how to do it. Every book is different and takes a different structure, style, process, etc. And relearning how to write is where the insanity comes from. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1343245

Inheritance trumps inamorata. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1349086

I ... hit him ... elsewhere." "Where?" "In his ... In his inguine." "Oh, dear God." It was unclear whether Ralston's words were meant as prayer or blasphemy. What was clear was that the woman was a gladiator. "He called me a pie!" she announced, defensively. There was a pause. "Wait. That's not right." "A tart?" "Yes! That's it!" She registered her brother's fists and looked to Simon. "I see that it is not a compliment." "No. It is not. — Sarah MacLean

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Alex smiled as the duke and Will began to scold her friends, causing Gavin to lean down and whisper in her ear, "I am happy to see you smiling again." She turned to him. "I remain vexed with you, my lord. I cannot believe you did not tell me about Montgrave!" "Alex, I will not argue with you. You can be angry if you need to be, but I almost lost you today and there are other things I would prefer to do than spar." "For example?" Alex asked. "For example." He wrapped his arms around her again, and her heart began to pound as he continued, "I'd prefer to remind myself that you are safe. And that you are mine." She smiled up at him. "I am yours, my lord. As much as you are mine." He clasped her to him, holding her tightly until a throat cleared from across the room, and Alex and Gavin remembered that they had an audience. "Blackmoor," the duke said, his casual tone belying his intent gaze, "perhaps you would like to explain exactly why your arms are wrapped around my daughter? — Sarah MacLean

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Well done, brother," Nick said. "If only the ton knew that you have such an inflated sense of familial obligation... your reputation as a fallen angel would be shattered."
"You would do well to stop talking."
"Truly, it's heartwarming. The Marquess of Ralston, in all his wickedness. Laid low by a child. — Sarah MacLean

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Forgive me if I am wary of your goodwill, Your Grace. — Sarah MacLean

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And you, my lord?" Vivi said politely. "Are you not tired after your long day?" "No. I find myself feeling rather energized." Ella and Vivi looked at each other, and Vivi tried again, with a slightly firmer tone, "Perhaps you would feel differently if you found your chamber, my lord." "I don't think so." The corner of Will's mouth twitched, betraying his amusement. "William, you would try the patience of a saint," Vivi said with a smile. "Must I ask you to escort two young women frightened of the dark upstairs?" He laughed aloud. "You two? Frightened of something? I find that very difficult to believe." Ella — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1509728

Loathing was so often described as cold; today, it felt hot as the sun. — Sarah MacLean

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Stanhope wants you to send him a note tomorrow to assure him that you are fine and, quote, 'that Blackmoor isn't a rogue who deserves to be called out.'" Ella giggled and rolled her eyes. "Male bravado really is ridiculous." Alex closed her eyes and said aloud, "I've had just about enough of the stuff tonight. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1609475

I've loved him for a decade. And I had him for one day before I made a complete and utter mess of things. Or he did. I'm still not sure about that. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1637223

I hope you do not consider me so distasteful?"
She allowed herself to meet his amused gaze. No. Ralston was not distasteful. Not by any stretch of the imagination.
"No, my lord," she said, the softness in her tone betraying her thoughts before she added, "And neither does Miss Heloise, it appears. She was quite charmed by you."
"One must use one's talents to one's advantage, Lady Calpurnia."
"Something I am certain you do quite well."
His voice deepened. "I assure you, I do it very well. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1646899

Don't you see, Mara." He leaned in and whispered, "You're mine, now. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1673728

He should be named Lord Simpleton," Olivia said, frankly. Pippa chuckled. "Stop. He's nice enough. He likes dogs." She looked to Penelope. "As does Tommy." "This is what we've come to? Choosing our potential husbands because they like dogs?" Olivia asked. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1692807

It was a terrifying feeling. And if it was love, he wanted none of it. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1726786

You cheated!"
He looked at her, wide-eyed with feigned outrage. "I beg your pardon. If you were a man, I would call you out for that accusation."
"And I assure you, my lord, that I would ride forth victoriously on behalf of truth, humility, and righteousness."
"Are you quoting the Bible to me?"
"Indeed," she said primly, the portrait of piousness.
"While gambling."
"What better location to attempt to reform one such as you? — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1748120

He pulled her across his lap and they kissed, the emotion of the day and the promise of the future making it soft and sweet and wonderful. She sighed as he lifted his lips off hers and offered her one of his wide, beautiful smiles. Overcome with happiness, she threw her arms around him and laughed, wondering just how it was that she had come to be so lucky. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1759153

My whole life, you have made decisions for me."
"Your whole life," Georgiana pointed out, "totals nine years. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1791539

You realize that is you allow me to court you, all your opposition to marriage is going to have to be reconsidered."
She smiled, feigning innocence."What opposition to marriage?"
"But I'm thinking we should have a long courtship."
"Why?" He looked surprised.
"Because i find I've developed a taste for adventure."
"That sounds dangerous. Not at all in character for a delicate flower."
She laughed." We know I've never been good at being a delicate flower. Besides, it shan't be too dangerous."
"How can you be so sure?"
She smiled brilliantly at him, taking his breath away.
"Because, on my next adventure, I'll have you by my side. — Sarah MacLean

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Turning a lazy smile on her, he inquired, "All right?" "Fine, now that I'm not in danger of toppling out of the curricle!" She cast him a sidelong glance and caught his snicker. "You meant to terrify me!" "Never!" he defended himself, the portrait of innocence. "I suggested you hold on, did I not?" Exasperated, — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1835149

I'm so thrilled to have won the RITA. The award is particularly special because it is given by other romance authors. It's deeply rewarding and not a little humbling to be honored by such a talented tribe of writers. — Sarah MacLean

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Nick spoke again. "Her legitimacy will be questioned."
Gabriel thought for several moments. "If our mother married her father, it means that the marchioness must have converted to Catholicism upon arriving in Italy. The Catholic Church would never have acknowledged her marriage in the Church of England."
"Ah, so it is we who are illegitimate." Nick's words were punctuated with a wry smile.
"To Italians, at least," Gabriel said. "Luckily, we are English."
"Excellent. That works out well for us. — Sarah MacLean

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Well, you certainly ruined that fun, my lord." With a short bow, he responded, "It's a particular gift of mine. Would a turn about the room provide you with any entertainment?" She took the offered arm and answered casually, "I suppose that if I have to take a turn about the room with someone, you're better than most." "Your ability to flatter is absolutely mind-reeling, Lady Alexandra." "It's a particular gift of mine, my lord." He — Sarah MacLean

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Penelope! Marriage proposals from wealthy, eligible young men do not blossom on trees! Particularly not in January, I wouldn't think. — Sarah MacLean

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Oh, Callie-mine," Anne said, her voice taking on a tone she'd used when Callie was a little girl and crying over some injustice, "your white knight, he will come."
One side of Callie's mouth kicked up in a wry smile. Anne had said those words countless times over the last two decades.
"Forgive me, Anne, but I'm not so certain that he will."
Oh, he will," Anne said firmly. "And when you least expect."
I find I'm rather tired of waiting." Callie laughed half-heartedly. "Which is probably why I've turned my attentions to such a dark knight. — Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean Quotes 1916680

She winced, knowing what was to come, "Calpurnia." She closed her eyes again, embarrassed by the extravagant name - a name with which no one but a helplessly romantic mother with an unhealthy obsession with Shakespeare would have considered saddling a child. — Sarah MacLean

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Before I merely daydreamed about Ralston. Now I find myself actually with him. Actually talking to him. Actually discovering the real Ralston. He is no longer a creature I invented. He is flesh and blood and ... now I can't help wondering ... " She trailed off, unwilling to say what she was thinking. What if he were mine?
She did not have to say the words aloud; Anne heard them anyway. When Callie opened her eyes and met Anne's gaze in the looking glass, she saw Anne's response there. Ralston is not for you, Callie.
"I know, Anne," Callie said quietly, as much to remind herself as to reassure her friend. — Sarah MacLean

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I still don't understand why we have to be punished for Alex's ills," Will said. Alex looked her eldest brother square in the eye, saying tartly, "I assure you it's my punishment as well, Will. There is little I want to do less than be trapped in the country with you lot." "Exactly why I'm guessing Mother is forcing all of us to attend," Nick pointed out. "Why not just suffer through the ball?" Alex smiled sweetly. "Why, to make your collective lives more difficult, of course!" Three sets of male eyes narrowed as Ella went into a coughing fit and Vivi smiled into her teacup. The — Sarah MacLean

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What was it about this woman? This plain, unassuming woman whom he had never before noticed? 'There is nothing about her that is plain or unassuming now.'
And he hated himself for describing her as such.
No... Lady Calpurnia Hartwell was coming into her own in a spectacular way- entirely new and thoroughly different from every woman he had known before her. And it was her heady combination of innocent curiosity and feminine will that had lured him into behaving the way he did.
He wanted her. Viscerally. In a way he'd never wanted any woman before her. — Sarah MacLean

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Do you think me horselike, my lord?"
Realizing the threat to his personage, Blackmoor wiped the smile from his face and replied, "Not at all. I said I think you charming."
"A fine start."
"And I appreciate your exuberance." His eyes glitered with barely contained laughter.
"Like that of a child." Hers sparkled with irritation.
"And, of course, you are entertaining."
"Excellent. Like the aforementioned child's toy."
He couldn't hide a chuckle. "Not at all. You are a far better companion than any of the toys I had as a child."
"Oh, I am most flattered."
"You should be. I had some tremendous toys. — Sarah MacLean

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Sometimes love is not enough. — Sarah MacLean

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There is only one way to fix it," he said. "A secret is only a secret before a second person knows it. — Sarah MacLean

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Michael," she whispered, wishing he would kiss her. "I love the way you say my name. You're the only one who calls me Michael," he said, before he gave her what she wanted, his tongue stroking deep and smooth until she was squirming in his arms, pressing her breasts into his magic hands. "You hated it," she protested. "You've worn me down. — Sarah MacLean

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He's nice enough. He likes dogs." She looked to Penelope. "As does Tommy."
"This is what we've come to? Choosing our potential husbands because they like dogs? — Sarah MacLean