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Famous Quotes By Sam Wineburg

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Texts are not "processed" as much as they are resurrected, and the image of reader and information processor or computer device, which often dominates current discussions of reading, seems less apt than another metaphor: the reader as necromancer. — Sam Wineburg

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As historical texts become rich and conceptually dense, readers may slow down not because they fail to comprehend, but because the very act of comprehension demands that they stop to TALK with their texts. In plain English, they pretend to deliberate with others by talking to themselves. — Sam Wineburg

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We haven't ever known our past. Your kids are no stupider than their grandparents. — Sam Wineburg

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The hardest work begins in dry dock. — Sam Wineburg

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Woodrow Wilson claimed that history endows us with the invaluable mental power we call judgment. — Sam Wineburg

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The problem is not the content of textbooks, but the very idea of them. — Sam Wineburg

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Texts on a lifeless strings of facts, but the keys to unlocking the character of human beings, people with likes and dislikes, diocese and foibles, errors and convictions. Words have texture and shape, and it is their almost tactile quality that leads readers to sculpt images of the writers who use them. These images are then interrogated, mocked, congratulated, or dismissed, depending on the context of the reading and the disposition of the reader. — Sam Wineburg

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History teacher Bob Alston's expertise late not in his sweeping knowledge of the topic but in his ability to pick after a tumble, to get a fix on what he does not know, and to generate a roadmap to guide his new learning. He was an expert at cultivating puzzlement it was Alston's ability to stand back from first impressions, to question his quick leaps of mind, to keep track of his questions that together pointed him in the direction of new learning. — Sam Wineburg

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(The historian) was able to disapprove without being astonished. She could reject and still understand. — Sam Wineburg

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MindSparks has produced some of the best materials on the market for teaching students how to read and write history with intellectual integrity and depth. Rarely have I come across curriculum so useful in helping students become literate, thinking citizens. Bravo. — Sam Wineburg