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Famous Quotes By Rudi Wobbe

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If the party was so great and benevolent, why should it be so frightened of dissent or free thinking? Yet, they punished even the slightest opposition. — Rudi Wobbe

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Helmuth said that Mann felt it would be even more difficult to bring about a revolution in Germany because the German people are so fatalistic. While they are deep thinkers who love philosophy, they have a deep suspicion that there really is no great meaning or purpose to life. Thus, they seek security above all else and are unwilling to overthrow a bad government because of the attitude, 'What difference would it make anyway?' Hence, Helmuth concluded, the people were willing to accept Hitler because, in some perverse way, he managed to create for them a fatal feeling of safety. — Rudi Wobbe

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While the Nazi party never officially condemned the Christian churches of the country (Hitler didn't want that problem on top of all the others), they undermined the meaning of Christianity by slowly replacing people's allegiance to God with loyalty to the party. — Rudi Wobbe