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Famous Quotes By Robyn

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The marketing is just as important as the music, almost. — Robyn

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The music industry is such a huge machine. There are still a lot of good people in it, but the character of the industry and the culture of the industry is very fast. — Robyn

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Commercial music is music that a lot of people connect to at the same time, but that doesn't mean it has to be something shallow or without personality. — Robyn

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Even if I'm sad, dancing is a way to let stuff out. — Robyn

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When you're 17 and you have an idea, people don't really listen to you. I came out of an environment where my parents were always pushing me to do what I wanted and be creative, and I was not used to the industry's way of thinking. — Robyn

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When we awaken to the beauty of nature, the doors to our true self are opened up wide, for divine healing on all levels. — Robyn

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All the big pop acts that I've been into over the years - whether it's ABBA or Prince - managed to combine amazing melodies and honest human emotion. But coming out of the super-super-commerical pop industry in the 90s, maybe people forgot about the fact that pop music can do both of those things. — Robyn

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Technology has a lot to do with how the world is developing at the moment because there are very raw and pure and primal emotions that people are communicating to each other over the Internet. — Robyn

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When I'm in the studio, I become a total nerd. — Robyn

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Activists are cultural artists. They envision a world that does not yet exist, and then take action to create that world.' — Robyn

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The music industry used to be able to control a single dance on the very smallest level of when people are supposed to hear it, and when they're supposed to start liking it, and when they're supposed to start buying it. And that's trashed, you know, that big machine that takes control and works albums for a long period. — Robyn

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Sure the Internet is the future, but what we do on the Internet is still very primal. — Robyn

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Maybe I bring people into that pop world who don't usually find themselves there because there's not enough stuff for them to get excited about otherwise. — Robyn

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Everyone's talking about how no one is buying records any more, but to me it's quite logical. In the 1990s, music was so hardcore-marketed to a certain group of people that I think a lot of kids felt taken advantage of. — Robyn

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Being onstage and communicating with an audience was part of my life since I was very little, but I was never pushed into singing. My parents were so uninterested in me making music. — Robyn

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I just want to have a normal life, like everyone else, you know? — Robyn

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Sometimes I write songs that just come out in a pop format because I grew up on melody and these amazing artists during the 80s. It's my tradition and it's something that I can't really control. — Robyn

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Prince is king to me. As this half-naked, short black guy who looked like a girl in the 70s and 80s, he was talking about women in a way that was very unusual because he didn't objectify them. — Robyn

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I think that girls are always expected to have opinions about each other, and maybe I don't have an opinion about some things, you know? — Robyn

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I don't want to have that thing where I make an album and then I'm super-constantly present in everyone's life for three years, and then gone for the next three. — Robyn

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My friends who are not from Sweden tell me that I'm more reserved or maybe more ... I guess the opposite of what a Latin American would be. Maybe because Scandinavians are more careful with their words and I guess it takes a lot to become a friend of a Swede. — Robyn

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I try to be genuine. I try to be real. It's such a subjective thing, but I try to convey an emotion. — Robyn

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When I started making music, I made music in a very commercial space and I didn't have room to really explore things on my own terms. It took me awhile to create a little bubble where I could explore other things, and new things. When I did that, my tools were songwriting and arranging. — Robyn

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So don't stop moving forward. For a while, you may feel as though you're taking two steps forward, one step back. And there may be some personal heartache along the way. But when you look your little ones in the eye, you will find your voice and take a stand for them. We are their voices. And we must have the courage to stand up for them, whatever the odds or however powerful the opposition might be. — Robyn

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The orchid is Mother Nature's masterpiece. — Robyn

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I didn't mind being in school. But I was usually uninspired and always late. I did what I had to, but not more. — Robyn

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I think I'm always adopting a persona. That's how I look at pop music. I don't feel like I have to be myself. I feel like I have to be true to myself, but I don't have to show an exact picture of who I am. — Robyn

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Club culture is always going to be a reflection of youth culture, but I think we're maybe moving into a time when the club is a place where older people can go, too. And it's a place people go to connect to themselves, it's not always about the party. It's also about letting off steam and expressing yourself and connecting to other people. — Robyn

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My parents had an independent theater company here in Sweden during the 1980s, so I was raised watching my parents create independently, having a lot of fun and just doing what they wanted to do. I think that idea of independence as an artist was something I was always used to. And then I entered the industry from a very commercial perspective, and things were very different then from what I grew up with. — Robyn

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It was like the part of me that had enjoyed those friends had evaporated, leaving behind a huge, echoing emptiness, and I was scrabbling on the edge of it, trying not to fall into the hole within myself because I was terrified to find out how far down it went. — Robyn