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The police move around again, and the crowd gets just quiet enough so that we can hear the guy holding the sign calling Pagans Athiests say, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." Mom pops up out of her seat, turns in that direction and shouts, "Professing themselves to be Christians, they commit violence. — Robin Reardon

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Was Chris a man?"
Now, there was something to ponder. Was he? He'd been strong and brave, and not stubborn. He'd killed other men, he'd saved other men's lives.
He kissed other men. And he'd cried and cried.
I closed my eyes. But then the dog said, "What makes a man not a man?"
Eyes open, I said, "Kissing another man."
"Yeah. Is there something unkissable about a man?"
I smirked at the black and white furry face. "No, stupid. Women kiss men."
"Was Chris a man? — Robin Reardon

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The only thing wrong with being gay is how some people treat you when they find out. — Robin Reardon

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Fear is like a really hard, worthless rock that can hide rich obsidian or beautiful crystals. — Robin Reardon

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Ty, my boy, here's what you tell them. Say it quietly, and sincerely, and like it's the most important thing anyone ever uttered. Tell them, 'Jesus loves you. But I'm his favorite. — Robin Reardon

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It's an erectoral vote.... it doesn't mean dick. — Robin Reardon

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I get the concept, all right
like, why would God make me gay and then tell me it's a sin to be gay? But the freethinkers were confusing me. ' I don't get it. They have no religion, but they sort of believe in God, but they don't believe in faith? — Robin Reardon