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Silence is not absence of words. Silence is the space where words arise and dissolve. Without silence, words have no meaning — Rashmit Kalra

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Equality is humanity. — Rashmit Kalra

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Spirituality is not about being God, but about being your self. God is an imagination. Self is already that - one with all and within all. Self is the essence l, the source and the manifestation too. What else is God? — Rashmit Kalra

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Love is the state of being; it is not a personal feeling directed to a particular someone. Love is beyond romance and attraction.
Love is when it doesn't matter when you get that person or not because you have met your own self through that person and that self will always be with you....within you.Love is not your loftiest fantasy you always thought will happen to you. Love is not wanting someone at any cost and cursing them if you do not "get" them. Love is who you are - your very essence felt and experienced by all that come into your vicinity — Rashmit Kalra

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Worship is invoking the divinity within. Meditation is awareness of divinity within. Enlightenment is realization of divinity within. Nirvana is being the divinity — Rashmit Kalra

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An amber sunset, a flowing river, a snow capped mountain, a beautiful heart, a calm mind, deep eyes, the moon, the earth and the sky - they are all silent. It's the words that give them meaning, decipher their essence and share their message. — Rashmit Kalra

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There is no mystery. Truth is here - always present. Mystery is in the mind and mind is a myth. — Rashmit Kalra

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The one who has found inner silence, stops pondering over the meaning of life and starts living it. That's the journey from "going with the flow" to "being the flow. — Rashmit Kalra

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Life can only be experienced in myriad of intricate forms, but can be understood only in abstract.
Here/Now/Present is the doorway to abstract - the divine nothingness — Rashmit Kalra

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You cannot still your mind - it is the nature of mind to keep moving. You can only be the stillness that is beyond the mind and be free from thoughts, yet watch the mind experiencing the true essence of life. Transcending the mind is Sanyasa (detachment or renunciation) and freedom that comes with it is Nirvana (liberation). — Rashmit Kalra

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You and I are separate is an illusion. You and I are connected with energy that fills the space.
You and I are made up of this energy. This energy is love.
You and I are one. This oneness is love. — Rashmit Kalra

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Look within. Beyond all the mental noise of thoughts, there is a space of purity, compassion and joy. That is love. — Rashmit Kalra

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Action is the only truth. Truth is the only reality. Rest is all thought - philosophy, fantasy or imagination. But, universe is not a thought. Universe is action. How does it matter what the world, society or I think what I am meant to do or what I am born to do? The truth is what I am doing and that's what makes the difference to the world; thats the only reality and that's what reflects the self that I am. — Rashmit Kalra

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It's not that we get all the answers in life. Its just that the questions disappear and there we flow with life - quenched yet thirsty; full yet empty. — Rashmit Kalra