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Who would talk about the evolutionary mind? Who cares about the good and evil in the evolution of species, and so on? This must be interesting only to the degree to which it informs us in this very present moment regarding our choices that we will make in the creation of our future. — Ralph Abraham

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Islamic terrorists are the greatest security threats to the United States, both domestically and abroad. We need to be vigilant every day. Now, every citizen has to be vigilant because they are vital links in the national security chain. — Ralph Abraham

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My advice for the next commander in chief: Listen to your military advisers. Listen to your generals. They are the experts. Even if you have a commander in chief who has served in the military, that person still isn't engaged on a daily basis. The generals will know best. — Ralph Abraham

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I believe that the World Wide Web is, as a matter of fact, the noogenesis of the noosphere of the future. This is it! — Ralph Abraham

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In a dynamical system, or a massively complex dynamical system such as we live in, when there is a moment of bifurcation, which is the technical mass jargon for "the snap", that is the only time you get to do anything about the evolution of the system. So according to this self-inflating view, we live at an especially important special moment in history where when we think something or do something it has actually an enormous effect on the future. What we do has some influence on the creation of the future more than at other times in history. — Ralph Abraham

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The military gave me structure and process. That reflects on the way I believe we should handle legislative matters. If we do it that way in any field, the results are usually better. — Ralph Abraham

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My specific goal is to revolutionize the future of the species. Mathematics is just another way of predicting the future. — Ralph Abraham