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Enjoy the top 8 famous quotes, sayings and quotations by Rajuda.

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No matter how bad was yesterday, what happens today, or which way tomorrow will take, life goes on as usual because tomorrow will never be the same as yesterday or today! — Rajuda

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If you think you are less than what you really are, the world around will make you look even lesser than what you think! — Rajuda

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Rain clouds come floating in, not to muddy my days ahead, but to make me calm, happy and hopeful. — Rajuda

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A retreat from someone or something isn't unusual. Just as how you edge closer to see better, at times you may need to take a step back to get a clearer view. — Rajuda

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If you want to drive ahead, look through the windscreen and drive, not through the rear-view mirror! — Rajuda

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Moving away from someone or something Is like taking a step back to see better when you are too close to capture the details. — Rajuda

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Sex in the twenties is like a helicopter raring to take off vertically, but twenty years later, it is like a vintage plane roaring and racing to a reluctant take off! — Rajuda

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All that is popular is not always right. All that is right is also not always popular. Somewhere in between, lies all that is real! — Rajuda