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Whoa, this isn't the Training Center, you know," I tell him. "There's a certain level of clothing etiquette in this house, and you're currently violating it."
He reaches for his jacket. "I believe you're the one who tore my clothes off in the first place, and now you're complaining?"
"Trust me, there was no tearing involved. You'll have to get that fantasy fulfilled somewhere else. — Rachel Morgan

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My pitch is off here and there, and my vibrato isn't quite what it used to be, but I'm lost in a land of wishing stars and lemon drops and dreams that really do come true. Slowly, bit by bit, as the music rises and falls, pieces of my soul I didn't even know were missing fit themselves back together. — Rachel Morgan

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Aren't faeries supposed to be, like, really tiny? With wings and a wand and faerie dust?"

"I'm not Tinker Bell! — Rachel Morgan

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Here's what I think," says Jasmine between chattering teeth. "If these humans are stupid enough to go hiking in this - " she gestures to the thick mist swirling around us '-then they deserve to be led into a marsh and drowned. — Rachel Morgan

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Did you really think I wouldn't look for you?"
"Honestly? Yes. You seemed a little busy losing your tongue down someone else's throat. — Rachel Morgan

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They share a look filled with meaning. Realized dreams, old fears, shared hopes, and a lifetime of memories. They clasp hands and step beneath the canopy together where the Seelie Court officiant is standing. — Rachel Morgan

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It's not a feud, Flint. It's a mutual dislike. — Rachel Morgan

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And then I'm dancing, swept away by the music and the magic and Ryn's arms guiding me. We spin graceful circles around the floor. Ryn lets go of me and I twirl beneath his arm, laughing at the same time. It is so not me, and yet I find I'm actually enjoying it.
"See?" Ryn says, "This is easy. And you might possibly be having fun."
The magic guides me as I step out of Ryn's arms, twirl behind his back, and catch his hand. "You might possibly be right."
He pulls me back into position. "Oh, I forgot to tell you something," he says. He leans forward and his lips brush my ear as he whispers, "You are more beautiful than any other girl in this room. — Rachel Morgan

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I angle my head down and peer up at him through my lashes in what I hope is an alluring manner. I have zero experience in this area though, so it's possible I look like a total moron. — Rachel Morgan

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I cross my legs beneath me and trace a finger along the laces of my boot. "That dress I had on was pretty. It's a pity I had to rip it apart."

"Yeah. It was entertaining to watch though."

"To watch?" I fold my arms over my chest. "Weren't you wrestling on the floor at the time?"

A grin lifts one side of Ryn's mouth. "I can multitask, remember? And girls tearing their clothes off is something I try not to miss."

I glare at him. "Have I told you before that you're gross?"

"On multiple occasions."

(from The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan) — Rachel Morgan

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It feels like I've been lost in the desert for many years, and ... I've finally come home. — Rachel Morgan

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His wife, is thrilled to have you staying with us for a while. — Rachel Morgan

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Whatever game you're playing, you're going to lose," he whispers. "And I'll be right there to rub your nose in it when it happens."
"Great. Well, at least I have something to look forward to." I cross my arms. "Now why don't you go parade your lack of dignity somewhere else? — Rachel Morgan

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Give me the setting sun, and I'll be a richer man than most / For never have I seen gold like that which glows above the earth. / Give me the night sky, and I'll be rich beyond all ruin / For never have I seen diamonds like those that dance beside the moon. — Rachel Morgan

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You guys dated, didn't you?"
"Are you insane? Not even if the continuation of our kind depended on it would I be tempted to do something so awful. — Rachel Morgan

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Life isn't always about things you can see or hear or touch. Sometimes it's more than that. — Rachel Morgan

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It was the tiny glowing butts that changed your mind, wasn't it? — Rachel Morgan

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A bird is safe when it's closed in a cage, but it isn't living. It isn't flying. You have beautiful wings desperate to stretch out and catch the wind. Don't. Let. Anyone. Stop you."
"And what happens," I whisper, "when I fall?"
"Then you have someone waiting to catch you. That's the right kind of safe. — Rachel Morgan

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Two imperfect people can make a perfect moment. — Rachel Morgan

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Why do I get the feeling our relationship is backwards?" Ryn asks as he wanders into my room, shrugs his jacket off, and hangs it over the back of my desk chair. "Isn't it usually the girl who always wants to talk about feelings and the guy who bottles everything up inside?" "I don't bottle things up," I shoot back. Well, there is an imaginary box I like to hide things in, but that's different. "Right. — Rachel Morgan

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The awkward moment in which I discover that both my wife and my sister have made out with the same guy. — Rachel Morgan

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Instead of fighting it, I close my eyes and let myself go. I feel the muscles of his shoulder beneath my hand. The frame his arms create is strong, secure, but I want those arms tighter around me. Much tighter around me. Much tighter, much closer.
I want there to be no space at all between us.
I. Want. Him. So. Badly.
I want to kiss him, laugh with him, cry with him, share every freaking moment of my life with him because no matter how many awful things he's done in the past, I can't shake the undeniable feeling that when his arms are around me, I'm home. — Rachel Morgan

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-"This is incredible Ryn. It is. But-"
-"No." He turns around. "No buts. You think I'm going to hurt you? You think I'm going to get bored and run off with some Undergrounder the first chance I get? You obviously have no idea how amazing you are. You, Violet Fairdale, are incredible, and I want you. Every part of you. I want your stubbornness and your sarcasm and your competitive spirit. I want you challenging me and fighting beside me. I want to hold you and kiss you and so much more because there's no one else in the world who knows me like you do. You have always been the one for me, even when we couldn't stand each other. You're beautiful and hot and sexy all at once, and you're more intelligent than any girl I've met. I love the fact that I've known you all my life. It just feels right when you're beside me. It feel like I've been lost in the desert for years, and ... I've finally come home. — Rachel Morgan

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Dripping wet in a secret passage. It was pretty damn hot. — Rachel Morgan

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I would have thought you'd pay more attention to your closest competition."
"I would - if you were competition worth paying attention to. — Rachel Morgan

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I put my hands on my hips. "What's wrong with the way I look?"
"Come on, Vi," he says, keeping his voice low. "You just need to add your boots and you're like the forest version of Lara Croft."
"Excuse me? Lara who?"
"I mean, it's really sexy and everything." He pulls me closer and slips his arms around my waist. "But it's not exactly the way I'd want you to meet my mom. — Rachel Morgan

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But unlike anyone else," Ryn adds, "if you upset the Seelie Queen, she might start shrieking, 'Off with their heads!'." The four of us stare at him. He stares back. "What? It's . . . from a book. Never mind. — Rachel Morgan

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Amidst the wreckage of overturned furniture and shattered belongings, lying motionless and silent, are my parents. — Rachel Morgan

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You're not the kind of person to just randomly fall in love. You're way too . . ."
My eyes shoot to his. "Too what?"
"Well, you know, emotionally closed off."
"I will emotionally close off every orifice in your face if you don't shut up about this right now. — Rachel Morgan

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Is that what you were doing in my room?" he asks after a moment.
I sigh. Why am I telling him any of this? "Yes. I was on assignment."
"I was your assignment?"
He hesitates a moment, then grins. "That's kind of hot. — Rachel Morgan

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Colors shift like smoke within the branch beneath our feet. Sprites jump from leaf to leaf, leaving sprinklings of glittery dust in the air behind them. Droplets of water are strung like pearls from the silver strands of a spider's web. Bluebottle glow-bugs stick to the leaves and branches, lighting up the night with their blue-green bodies. And high above us, clouds are draped like sashes of color across the sky. Amethyst, azure, jade. — Rachel Morgan

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They walk slowly toward each other, their gazes locked, as if they exist in their own world oblivious to the rest of us. — Rachel Morgan

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Are you serious? Vi's arm has been magically barbequed and you think she
needs a cupcake? — Rachel Morgan

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Creepy Hollow?" He snorts. "Like Sleepy Hollow?"
"No, like Creepy Hollow. It has nothing to do with sleeping. — Rachel Morgan

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Seelie Court," murmurs Nate. "Sounds familiar. Was it in a computer game?"
"Do I look like someone who plays computer games?"
A grin stretches across Nate's face. "You look like someone who could be in a computer game. — Rachel Morgan

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Seeing him standing there in his boxers and hoodie with sticking-up hair, one sock pulled up to his calf, the other scrunched around his ankle, and his glasses just a tiny bit skew, my wildly beating heart falls in love with him all over again. — Rachel Morgan

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The bathroom door swings open and Nate walks out. He's toweling his damp hair and wearing nothing but a pair of boxers.
Crap. I should have left this for a more appropriately clothed time of day. — Rachel Morgan

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I refuse to let you talk me into a make-out session in a dodgy, underground tunnel. I have standards, you know. — Rachel Morgan

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I know the evil that exists. I know the terrible things people do to each other. I've lived it. I've survived it. But just because I've seen the palette of dark colors doesn't mean I have to paint the rest of my world that way. I can choose the bright colors instead. I can see them, paint them, draw them, surround myself with them like a loud, glorious song drowning out all the darkness in the world. — Rachel Morgan

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It's hard to say no to Nate, even when he's wearing a shirt. I should have made him cover his face too. — Rachel Morgan

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Ryn looks sideways at me and raises an eyebrow,"It's big enough for two."
-"You're joking right?Why don't you pretend to be a gentleman and give me the bed?"
He laughs. "Now you're joking."
-"Of course." I sigh. "I have nothing but the lowest of expectations when it comes to you, Ryn."
-"And I shall continue to live down to them. — Rachel Morgan

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You don't understand. The closer I get to the edge, the more it feels like the ground is tilting. Like it's getting steeper and steeper and I'm sliding towards the edge, and if I don't hold onto something I'll slide right off and plummet to the ground."
"What if," I say quietly, "you hold onto me? — Rachel Morgan