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We have seen enough of war to know that it doesn't work to resolve conflicts. It only exacerbates them. It is time we find other solutions and dedicate ourselves to life-not death. — Peter Kuznick

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People think in narrow, constrained, constipated ways about the world. They can't imagine that the world could be different. Not like the dreamers who actually see a different world, a better world. — Peter Kuznick

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A big part of the story is American imperialism, and the flip side of that is the building up of the national security state here at home. — Peter Kuznick

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China is doing a lot of things right that the United States is doing wrong. — Peter Kuznick

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History is a matter of interpretation, but you have to start with certain facts. — Peter Kuznick

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We're a country that abhors the government. From Reagan on, many people think the government is the enemy in the United States. — Peter Kuznick

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People [in US] are starting to rethink this idea of empire, this idea of the United States being this superpower, the hegemon, is not working, and we can't afford it anymore. — Peter Kuznick