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It's all very well to say beauty is under the skin, or in the eye of the beholder, but no-one would say no to being prettier if they had the chance, so it is all rot. — Paul Kearney

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I have seen worse things than ghosts, and if one were to appear to me, I should have so many questions to ask of it that it would have no time to groan and moan and shake its chains. — Paul Kearney

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There are men in frock coats and top hats with the blood of the world on their hands, and they eat with silver forks and white napkins every day, and they will give up their last breath in a linen-made bed whilst the ones they sent out to die lie forgotten in the earth, mouldering bones with the poppies fat and red above 'em. Ah, mankind. — Paul Kearney

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That is the problem with being twelve. All the grown-ups think they have a right to know your business. — Paul Kearney

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No man could truly say what he was until he had been pushed to the edge of things with the precipice of his own ruin staring up at him. — Paul Kearney

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What do they be teaching the young these days? I declare, they think more on machines and formulas than they do on the true knowledge of the world. They blow things up, and call it progress. They kills one another by the million, and calls it civilization ... But you takes a single life, just one, and that is murder most foul, and they will pin you for that, and lay it against you the rest of your life. It hardly seems fair. — Paul Kearney

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I have found that there are two ways of dealing with men. Either you treat them with respect, or you kill them. Anything in between merely breeds resentment and the desire for revenge. — Paul Kearney

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The time is coming to an end when you can wander the roads of the world as free and easy as you like, and meet a stranger across firelight. They will fence in the world entire ere they are done, the clever men of this earth, and there will be no space left on it for vagabonds, and dreamers ... and little lost girls running from their fate. — Paul Kearney

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But we cannot choose what we remember and what we forget. All the lovely bright moments of our lives get forgotten except for remnants here and there, like the leaves blown from a tree in the autumn, and the terrible things, they stick with us forever, as bright and raw as the day they happened. — Paul Kearney

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He is a Christian, and believes charity begins at home. And often it remains there. — Paul Kearney

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He liked having the boy there beside him. Like some bright flame of life still burning bright beside the spent lamp of his own spirit. — Paul Kearney

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I am almost dizzied by a sudden knowledge, as cold as snow down my spine; that I, too, will grow up one day like everyone else, and look back and miss the years gone by, and the things I could have done, should have done. And growing up is suddenly not something to be impatient for, not all jam and buns and doing as one pleases. It is precisely the opposite. — Paul Kearney

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It must be terrible to be old, when you love someone who died young. They never change in your mind, and every day you see yourself grow away from that person you were when you loved and knew them. Until you are more of a shadow than they are, and the girl you were is altogether gone, more dead even than that young man on the battlefield. — Paul Kearney

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Memories are important, like the bones of the mind. We build ourselves upon them, flesh and blood moulded around the pictures of what is past. — Paul Kearney

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There is a way of looking at things when you are alone in the woods at night. You see more clearly the things at the corner of the eye, and hear all the little crackling noises, the saw of your own breath, even the thumping of your heart. All so clear. It is as though on stepping out of the city an older part of the brain starts to work again. The part that remembers flint and bone and ice. — Paul Kearney

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Places ain't home. People is. Bricks and chairs is nothing. — Paul Kearney