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Nothing is more foreign than the world of one's childhood when one has truly left it. — Par Lagerkvist

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And they are deformed though it does not show on the outside. I live only my dwarf life. I never go around tall and smooth-featured. I am ever myself, always the same, I live one life alone. I have no other being inside me. And I recognize everything within me, nothing ever comes up from my inner depths, nothing there is shrouded in mystery. Therefore I do not fear the things which frighten them, the incoherent, the unknown, the mysterious. Such things do not exist for me. There is nothing "different" about me. — Par Lagerkvist

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-No, the man said, looking past him with his empty gaze, the realm of the dead isn't anything. But to those who have been there, nothing else is anything either. — Par Lagerkvist

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Bitter, too, to be forced to acknowledge in one's heart how little love has to do with kindness. — Par Lagerkvist