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Famous Quotes By Nneka

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I was a very conscientious student. — Nneka

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My music is very versatile, very mixed. — Nneka

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I think it's important to learn instruments, whenever one has a little space. Be eager to learn and love your instrument. — Nneka

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I tend to explain my songs. — Nneka

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The way people see Africa is mostly dark. — Nneka

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Listening to the type of music I grew up with, like King Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti and experiencing different things and conditions and hardship, as well as the good times in Nigeria, has definitely carved me into who I am. — Nneka

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At times I have a beat first and then I write. Sometimes I have a melody in my head and I pick up the guitar to develop the song. Other times I just write without any melodies, and I end up using those lyrics when I think I have the appropriate instrumental that would bring out and depict the emotions of what I have written. — Nneka

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I am 100% there when I'm doing what I'm doing when I'm onstage and recording. I don't ever want to look back at any moment and say to myself that I felt uncomfortable with who I am. — Nneka

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Everything that the West is today is predominantly because of Africa. — Nneka

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I must be true to myself within my music or I would be a liar. — Nneka

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My father is a very strict man. — Nneka

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The cultural differences between Germany and Nigeria were extreme. The way they dress, the way they carry themselves, their religion. For two years I was overwhelmed. — Nneka

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I always like earthy, authentic sounds. — Nneka

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I don't want to be a big star. I just want to get my message across. — Nneka

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I have my own way to stay focused. I work out every day. I exercise. I swim. I meditate. I breathe. — Nneka

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I hope that what I am today is of positive benefit to other people. — Nneka

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Take advantage of educating yourself. — Nneka

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I have stopped waiting on our leaders. We have been forced to fear the system. But unless we change our ways and the way we see each other, we won't move forward. — Nneka

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If you're able to grow up in Nigeria and go through certain things, you're able to tackle anything around the world because you're able to live wherever, if you can survive in a city like Lagos or Warri or Niger Delta, as far as I'm concerned. — Nneka

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My heart's desire is to be recognised in Nigeria. — Nneka

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In Nigeria, if you say you're a singer, people say, 'So what? Everyone sings.' In Germany, my voice stood out more. — Nneka