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Nicholas Chong Quotes 2224662

And in an age when the girls were clearly gaining the upper hand on men in the Battle of the Sexes, men could do with some help from Pet Spirits & Dead Men's Oil.
For unlike Milesians, Malesians could not send girls to be sacrificed to the Gods.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

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For just as the Milesians believed in Oracles, Malesians believed in Bomohs. Malesian Bomohs or Dukuns, just as the Sibyls, went into convulsions or ecstatic trances to proclaim the wishes of the Gods. But Malesian Bomohs did more. They claimed to be able to capture Spirits which they kept as pets. And these pet spirits could be sold or hired out to clients, to perform minor supernatural feats or miracles.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

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Aphrodite then reminded Zeus what Themis had said. She had to swallow a whole amphora full of his seed before Eros & Chaos would let her girdle hang free. And she said that she looked forward to swallowing his seed, if he would let her. Zeus then took the young Goddess in his arms & told her that he would even willingly give her a whole amphora full of his blood if that would make her happy. He would like to give her all the seed that his sperm sacs could produce each day but only wished that the transaction did not have to go through Hera. — Nicholas Chong

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Wow!" He uttered, not understanding why he said it. Lost for words, he decided to smile back at her, rather than appear dumb-stricken.
"Liked it?" she wanted to know. What else could he say other than, "Fantastic!You are delicious!"? He knew that these were not the words the Chairman of the Board should say to a junior secretary, but the words just tumbled out of his mouth. "I love you! I love you so much!" he found himself saying. Again , he could not understand why he said that.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1196049

People ate all sorts of awful things, such as creepy-crawlies, & the roots, bark & leaves of trees for their supposed aphrodisiacal values- until they decided that the Nectar that flowed out of the wombs of young virgins, when they were sexually aroused, was the best. One wondered whether the fun of chasing those virgins, capturing them, & drinking their Nectar, made it the best.For thousands of years, young virgin girls were sought for this purpose & when the aphrodisiac worked, making the impotent old men potent again, they would deflower those virgins. This practice had always led to the extinction or near extinction of virgins. [MMT] — Nicholas Chong

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But since Pontus [the Sea] was male, only the sea creatures that lived in the sea could aspire to be Aphrodite's mother. And it was for this reason that Aphrodite's birth was delayed for so long. As Himeros & Chaos did not want to be born by a sea creature. And thus, Uranus' seed & testicles tossed & tossed on the waves for hundreds of years before Himeros & Chaos reached a compromise. Aphrodite would be born from a cockle, Konche, & Himeros & Chaos would be the shell of the baby cockle. — Nicholas Chong

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And when Aphrodite was told about Cupid's rapid progress, she asked Zeus whether he would take her other son, Hymen, along too, since Hymen was already twenty-one & was about to be appointed as the God of Marriage, but knew precious little about love & sex, let alone, marriage.
And thus Zeus took Hymen along too on his oyster hunt. But the Nymphs did not like Hymen. They shrieked & ran in all directions at his approach. But Hymen turned out to be a worthy oyster hunter. He caught the Nymphs easily enough & after catching them, he fed them with wine which his father, the God of Wine, made. And thus drugged, he harvested their oysters painlessly. And this was how all virgin Nymphs & girls got their oysters named after him, the God of Marriage. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1756024

Then, having accomplished what he wanted to do, Eros decided to stop the futile battle. He recalled Phobos & Deimos from Mars & sent him Anteros & Himeros instead.
And immediately, the God of Hate turned into the God of Passion. — Nicholas Chong

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And they were all agreed that it was Eros who held the world together, since Love made the world go round. And the universe was thus perceived as an enormous egg, held together by Love. And this primordial egg consisted of two hemispheres, the Sky[Uranus] & the Earth[Gaea] held together by Eros[Love]& if they were not thus held together, both halves would spring apart & hell would break loose.
And that was exactly what happened when it all began. Eros laxed his hold for a moment & the universe sprang apart with a Big Bang. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1489967

There is no denying that Eros was now in love.He had fallen in love with his wife, Helen, more than 15 years ago, & that was why he married her.He had now fallen in love again with his new Secretary.And that was what was now driving him bonkers.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 956614

And that historical moment when the young Aphrodite held Poseidon's magnificent phallus in her small hand & squeezed it was the greatest event of the universe since the Big Bang. It was the moment when Eros, separated from Himeros & Chaos in the Big Bang, were reunited, to become one again. And all who were there saw Aphrodite's girdle changed its colour from a passion red to orange, & then to gold, the colour of Love. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1782493

She then turned to Poseidon & with a large smile, asked him to undress her.Taken aback by such an unusual request, the young man baulked.She then begged him to undress her saying that the customers were now waiting to see her show.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 527990

Men had been threatened by women from the days of Pandora, the first woman, & would not spare any efforts in order to rule over womankind.Depriving women of clothes was the first thing to do in order to put women at a disadvantage. And it also turned women into playthings from formidable foes.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1759230

Typhon was amazed at the lengths to which she would go in order to please him. "What do you want me to do with this girl?" he asked. "Drink her Nectar as you used to drink mine. It will make you young & strong & all the better when you couple with me!" And so the terrible Typhon willingly accepted his beloved's gift.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 192512

And what a lovely body the young girl possessed! She was obviously proud of it herself & never seemed ashamed to display it. Iris Leong then decided that if she had a body like Phyllis', she, too, would be proud to display it in all its glory.
All the cards now appeared to be stacked in the girl's favour. She enjoyed orgasms all day long & yet never had to fear about losing her virginity. She thus had her cake & also ate it. She should be a model to all young girls, Iris decided.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

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Yes!Sir!I would sell my virginity to you or anyone else for one million dollars.Then my sister will not have to be a prostitute any longer.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

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When Pandora was ready, she was taken by Hermes to Epimetheus as a gift from Zeus.
Epimetheus looked at the beautiful girl & asked her to remove her veil so that he could better admire her lovely face & he asked her to remove her girdle & white shimmering raiment so that he could appreciate the gifts of the Gods. As he had never seen a woman before. And Pandora grinned & put on an impish smile as she stood naked before him. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 983959

And during times such as those, when people wanted to get on with life, the Battle of the Sexes turned into all-out war.
In the Battle of the Sexes fought by the Milesians, the men won.Whilst in the battle fought by the Malesians, the men lost.[INTRO] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1706859

Well,Sir," she began,"I am twenty-one years old & still a virgin. I have never experienced sexual intercourse. My hymen is not broken.Old men say that a virgin's Nectar is good for them. I understand that you want to buy. I want to sell."[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2160555

But as the God of War, Mars could not help being belligerent.He announced that he had come to avenge the honour & dignity of his brother,Hephaestus, & was glad that she had accepted his invitation to do battle.He now challenged her to remove her girdle since he had heard that it was a magic girdle & would thus afford the wearer undue advantage, as he would now remove all his battle attire so that, as their wearer, he too would not enjoy any undue advantage. And so saying, the belligerent Mars doffed his warlike raiment & stood proud & naked before her. And, thus provoked,Venus took off her girdle & did likewise. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1209047

And thus, the men won the Battle of the Sexes in Milesian times, so that from the Golden Age of Athens until the Golden Age of Rome, when all citizens were free to speak & vote at the State Assemblies, only women, barbarians & slaves were excluded.[INTRO] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 379358

And whilst everyone believed that the universe began with Chaos, it did not. It began with Vacuos[Void], his granddaddy.But before Vacuos died, or just turned into empty space, which was what a void was, Vacuos begot, all by himself,a son, Chronos[Time]. And just before Chronos died or just turned into ticking time, Chronos begot, all by himself, a three-fold son, Chaos[Confusion] who could turn into Love or Hate.
And it was Chaos who begot the Sky[Uranus], the Earth[Gaea] & everything else in the egg which Eros held together before the Big Bang. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 700035

Eros, who was awakened when the girdle was cast aside, thought it unfitting that the Goddess of Love should turn herself into a Goddess of War, since that post was already filled by Athena. On the other hand, a battle between the Goddess of Love with the God of War also did not make sense, as they should either make love or make war & indulge either in love-games or war-games. For how could one party make love whilst the other make war at the same time? For it took two parties to either make love or make war.
And thus Eros decided to turn Mars into the God of Hate to see whether a battle between Love & Hate could produce Chaos, since Love & Chaos were one & so were Hate & Chaos. And thus Eros sent Phobos & Deimos to Mars, to turn the God of War into the God of Hate. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2043074

This was because all the bosses were then faced with an enormous problem.In fact, it was a problem that had occurred in previous years & had remained unsolved.And now they were faced with it again.
This problem was created by their Overseas Asian principals.They had been asking, unabashedly, for virgins on their annual visits & each time they came, Bacchus had supplied them with prostitutes.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 554468

And it was told that as soon as Poseidon saw the young Goddess, who looked no more than eighteen years of age, by human reckoning, passion immediately overwhelmed him. Unlike all the other Goddesses & Nymphs of the Sea, Aphrodite was not naked. She wore a huge girdle around her slender waist which covered her breasts & her hips as well as her crotch & buttocks. And, thus, instead of impaling her with his trident, Poseidon was overcome with curiosity as to what she hid beneath her girdle. He thus introduced himself as the King & Sheriff of the Seas & told the young Goddess that, as such, no secrets should be kept from him by all those who wished to live in the sea. He would therefore request that she removed the girdle to show him what she hid beneath it. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1197194

I do not know how long more I shall live. I am already an old man. But now that I have you, I want to enjoy every minute of my remaining life. I want to eat your Ambrosia & drink your Nectar till the last day of my life. I hope to live ten years longer to enjoy every minute of you to which I am entitled. If you treat me well & continue to make me happy, who knows, when I die, I might even leave the company to you. Imagine, you, my darling, as Chairman of the Board! Then you can sit at the Board Meeting: with your cup on the table & ask all the Directors to lick it1 Haw! Haw! Haw!"[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 630201

Her sister, Vicky, had explained to her that being female, she had no choice but to be involved in the Battle of the Sexes.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1935515

When Zeus[Jupiter]first saw Aphrodite[Venus]& Aphrodite thus first saw Zeus, it was love at first sight.Naturally.
Since Zeus was the King of the Gods, who loved all beautiful Goddesses.And Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love, the most beautiful & lovely of all the Goddesses.But love was all they had in common. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1468121

Phyllis, then seventeen, had grown into a lovely girl, although she was still in school uniform.
Thus, Hera made it known that her beautiful daughter's virginity was once more for sale & she had set the asking price at twenty thousand dollars. She would use the proceeds from the sale to clear her debts, & the surplus, she would give to Vicky in compensation for the three thousand dollars she had paid four years earlier to preserve Phyllis' virginity.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2135950

The women of the Malesian Tales were however modelled after the lovely women of Singapore, the most urbane of the Malesian cities & the winners of the War of the Sexes.These lovely women,who belonged to a unique sub-species known as the "Singapore Girl", were spawn when the little City State imposed draconian measures in order to ensure its survival- measures covering population control, civic-consciousness, national hygiene & military preparedness- just as Sparta did during Milesian times. And thus, the Singapore girls,just as the girls of Sparta, were constantly in a state of military preparedness when it came to men.[INTRO] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 451449

He was the King of the Gods & could have anything he wanted, but only in theory. Whilst in actual fact, he was the only God who could not have everything he wanted.He had to work hard, since the responsibilities of his office laid heavily on his shoulders.And he could not even play hard, as his jealous wife, Hera, had eyes everywhere.She even had the terrible Argos with the hundred eyes in her service. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1900841

But on the minus side, Zeus had also had his share of fiascos. He swallowed Metis, the Goddess of Wisdom & Prudence, & thus was responsible for the disappearance of both wisdom & prudence in Olympus. And he could not keep his hands off all those lovely Titanesses, Giantesses, Nymphs & Mortal women whom he loved or secretly loved. He took them to wife, even when they were unwilling, such as Metis, Leto, Asteria & Nemesis. And he raped them, even when they were not aware that they were being raped, such as Alcmene, Danae, Io & Europa. And these were only a few of his many love affairs that Hera knew. What he had managed to keep secret from Hera was his greatest love affair of all- his affair with the Goddess of Love, which had already resulted in the mis-begetting of the monstrous love-child, Priapus. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2205189

Even his shoulders, back & buttocks had hair, only less. And you could hardly see his penis. It was so little & limp & looked shrunken. She had heard someone say, that the richer the man, the tinier would be his penis. And this appeared correct, since Peter Foo was reputed to be worth a billion dollars. So his was a billion dollars-sized penis.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2194684

And, whilst talking about making love,it was only a short while ago that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, got to know what love was. And once having experienced love-making, she had turned herself into the Goddess of Love-Making & could not stop making love.
And thus, Eros yearned to be reborn as Cupid, the God of Love, so he too would be able to find out what love-making was all about, and become the God of Love-Making. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1627115

And thus it was to everyone's surprise when Hera said that she would undertake to provide a whole amphora full of her husband's seed- she would harvest them herself- if Aphrodite would promise to marry her brilliant son, Hephaestus, the sapient Craftsman of the Gods, when she was translated to Olympus. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1625802

And it was inconceivable that the God of War would not be able to be the victor in a little skirmish like that, when all the cards were already stacked in his favour.
What could Jupiter do if he took her by force & deflowered her? In Roman Mythology, Mars was the only God who had ever raped a Vestal Virgin, an event that led to the birth of Romulus & Remus & the founding of Rome.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1608325

Aphrodite then promised Zeus that as soon as the girdle could be removed, she would reserve her flower for him. And she told him that her flower, as Nerites had advised her, was like a lovely oyster & she hoped that he liked oysters. And she told him that that was all that she had to give him in return for his seed. And she hoped that he would swallow her flower just as she swallowed his seed. — Nicholas Chong

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For a moment, she stood transfixed, conscious of all the eyes that were staring at her, some admiringly, others lasciviously. Then she began to dance. Gracefully & nimbly, not vulgarly. There was no need to separate her thighs & wrench open her cup to display her hymen. Such an act would be unbecoming for a Goddess. Thus, she danced as the Goddess Artemis would, or the Goddess Hebe would, or the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, herself would, dance with the Graces in the gardens of Olympus.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2227311

And she[Aphrodite]mourned Nerites' loss not because Nerites was her paramour but because she was her mentor.It was, strangely enough,poor Nerites who had taught her all she had known about sex & love until then. For how was a young Goddess, who was born from a cockle, to know about such things? — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2246434

Hephaestus told Phyllis that she owed her name to the lovely girl whom Acamas left behind in Thrace after the Trojan War, promising to return.The poor girl waited in vain & out of desparation, hanged herself.The Goddess Nemesis took pity on the girl & turned her into a leafless almond tree.When Acamas at last returned,he was overcome with grief & embraced the tree which immediately sprouted green leaves, which gave the Greeks their word "phylla" meaning "green leaves" & all the botanists of the world their "phylla" words.Hephaestus also said that Vicky stood for Victory[Nike].[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1584568

But Zeus did not tell Aphrodite that age was catching up on him. And that Gods, just as Mortal men, suffered from Erectile Dysfunction. And that the daily harvesting of his sperm sacs by Hera & Themis in order to provide three amphoras full of seed had not helped.
And that thus, he, just as all those who suffered from Erectile Dysfunction, actually preferred catching oysters & eating them rather than deflowering the owners of the oysters. And thus, the Big Crunch that had been planned, now risked becoming the Big Bathos, the Big Let Down. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1564510

Big Eve had asked her to seduce Helios in order to secure a victory in the fight for his support & she had agreed to do so knowing full well that no action on her part would be necessary. Big Eve should know that all men were born animals, & as long as a girl made it known that she was prepared to accept a man's advances, those advances would happen on their own accord. Her little experience with the male sex had taught her that. Thus, if she desired to seduce Helios, all she had to do was to make it known that she was prepared to accept his advances.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1548618

And although Passion was the ugly side of Love, Passion made love-making fun. Himeros made lovers lusty, passionate & violent. It aroused sexual excitement & also brutality, & thus when Love turned to Chaos, Himeros was to blame. Thus, when Eros reunited Sky & Earth in the union of love, Himeros made Uranus so awful to Gaea that she had to resort to having him castrated. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 74485

Vicky had once told her that she should not be ashamed of her pubic hair. Pubic hair was what men expected to see on women. Vicky said that there was a young prostitute at the Centre who had no pubic hair & many customers were known to shy off her because they thought that she was diseased. So Phyllis was resigned to displaying her pubic hair to all who wanted to see it.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1486885

Then, noticing that the great God was as excited as she was, she decided to empty his sperm sacs for him. And thus she set upon massaging his organ of love in the manner Amphitrite had taught all the Goddesses how to massage Poseidon's. And when she noticed that his hot sperm would soon be delivered, she opened her mouth wide to receive it, since she was in love with him. And she swallowed his seed in the manner Mortal women swallowed their husbands' seed, out of love. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2256024

Sorry!I just couldn't control myself!" would be the excuse any virile man would offer to a girl he had just deflowered- after the event. He would offer the same excuse to Jupiter Foo. The King of the Gods would surely blow his top- like Vulcan, the Volcano God!Yak! Yak! Yak![MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1641443

They all come in by themselves" Big Eve told her customers " & nobody is working here as a prostitute against her will." And thus Big Eve regarded her Health Centre as an important local commodity exchange market between those who had some sex to sell & those who wanted to buy it.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1995643

But this little bow & its ten harmless darts, once in the hands of the Godling, became a magic bow & a lethal weapon, since the Godling was Eros reborn. And its ten darts which were of the seven colours of the rainbow or spectrum, plus white, black & grey, when shot at Gods, Goddesses, Nymphs, Mortals & any others, could inspire the same feelings of love, hate & confusion as Aphrodite used to inspire in others with her girdle. As, indeed, as soon as Cupid was born, the Goddess of Love had lost her magic girdle. Since a Goddess of Love, who was already in her seventies, had no more use for such toys. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2172383

The great Sea God,Poseidon, could not be more pleased with himself.Although he had lost to the young Goddess, he had really won.In theory,his manhood now belonged to Aphrodite,but whenever he visited her cave,he was made to feel even more of a king than in his own palace.All the lovely Goddesses of Olympus came to pay homage to his phallus & would, afterwards, help him to empty his sperm sacs. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1710068

And thus, the Titans & titanesses made love without passion And so did the Gods & Goddesses. They only had Longing[Pothos], Love[Eros] & Reciprocal Love[Anteros] between them, but no Passion. And this fact accounted for the unimaginative number of offspring that some of them had. And the unimaginative tendency of Gods & Goddesses to take aunts & uncles, sons & daughters & even granddads & grandmas to wife or to husband. So much so that some Gods & Goddesses preferred to produce offspring asexually, even without Love. As Hera begot Hephaestus. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2125519

And it came to pass that,as predicted by Zeus,Hephaestus, the perfectionist,was not too impressed when he discovered after the wedding that his lovely bride had not only been deflowered but was also pregnant. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2117342

The Milesians did not model their women after Helen, reported to be the most beautiful woman of their times, & who, reportedly, had five husbands.Nor did they model their women after the Athenian housewives. Instead, Milesians celebrated womanly beauty from the physical endowments of two naked slave girls, Briseis & Chryseis-the bones of contention between Achilles & Agamemnon. Tradition cast Briseis as a tall brunette with a dark complexion & with a very distinguished appearance.Whilst Chryseis was described as fair, slender & small in stature.[INTRO] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2085579

Dionysus, as the God of Wine, suggested that the occasion should be turned into a magnificent orgiastic event, with the Muses & the Graces dancing to the music of Apollo, Hermes & Pan as well as that of the Maenads & Bacchantes.
So the venue that Dionysus suggested was agreed upon even before the main players, the King of the Gods & the Goddess of Love, had agreed to mate. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1816301

Her mother was a cockle, but her father was no other than Uranus, who held the highest office in the universe, as no one held a higher office than the Sky. And she was born together with Himeros[Passion] & Chaos[Confusion] at the same time, & together, as the white foam[aphros] of semen issued from Uranus' severed testicles, which had entrapped Himeros & Chaos after the Big Bang, & floated on the Sea [Pontus]. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2056899

The Milesians won the battle by merely telling women that they did not belong to the same species as men, & thus there was no battle to be fought. For, the ability to mate & produce offspring together is a modern definition, unknown during Milesian times. And thus, the Milesians told women that men, being descendants of Prometheus & Epimetheus, the cousins of Zeus, the King of the Gods, were Gods. Whilst, women,being the descendants of Pandora, were playthings, made of clay, for men's pleasure just as Pandora herself was.[INTRO] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1942071

Butes also told Phyllis that her virginity had also been offered to Helios & that the fate of the terrible Typhon now hung on the Battle of the Virgins, or rather, of their virginities, hers & Atalanta's. And it appeared that, as it stood, Typhon would lose, in view of the difference in age of the two virgins.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1944884

And Zeus told Aphrodite, in all sincerity, that he had now given up catching oysters for her sake. But could not help cursing her for having started him off in eating them. Since Hera had now taken over the show. She was the only Goddess in Olympus who had the ability to renew her virginity as she bathed in the spring of Kanathos, near Argos, & thus had taken upon herself the job of supplying him with fresh oysters. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1947773

In his new will, Typhon had named Phyllis as his only surviving relative & called her his wife.And he thus bequeathed to Phyllis everything he owned, including his flesh, bones & offals. And thus the terrible Typhon had married Phyllis without telling her.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 2054102

Sometimes, the youthful Hebe would insist on scattering her father's seed further afield, & to various places, inside & outside Greece, & even in Italy. And when the seed of the King of the Gods was scattered into the rivers & streams, lakes & ponds, & the springs in the woods, Satyrs of various types were born, & also Nymphs & Naiads, those usually described as "the sons & daughters of Zeus", not those of Oceanus & Tethys, just as the Sea Nymphs, other than the Nereids, were the daughters of Poseidon. And this also accounts for the many cities, villages & places inside & outside Greece, said to be founded by a son or daughter of Zeus. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 320410

And thus, having been assured by Themis, the mother of the Fates,that it was fated that she & the God of War should meet, Aphrodite, with downcast eyes,informed the Goddess of Oracles, Rites & Laws that she would be happy to accept Ares' challenge, adding that she thought that Mars sounded better than Ares & that she would prefer to call him Mars if he would call her Venus. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 755048

And Nerites told her what virginity was all about.He said that his sisters were all virgins before they coupled with the Gods, Dactyls & Cabiri & that those who were thus deflowered had lost their maidenheads with their maidenhood. And he told her that his sisters, Melite, Thalia & Polynoe were still virgins. The flesh within their little cups looked more like the meat of oysters, rather than flowers, & he opined that calling the maidenhead a flower was probably a misnomer.It should be called an oyster. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 732381

And thus, lost in her own thoughts,she let Bacchus do whatever he wished & she only sat up when he accidentally pressed too hard on her tender flesh."Oh! Sorry! I was only admiring the beauty of Nature!" Bacchus said when he noticed her grinning at him. "Let me wash myself first,Sir,if you wish to taste my Nectar,"she suggested.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 675184

My mother sold my virginity for two thousand dollars when I was thirteen but my sister bought it back for three thousand dollars that she borrowed from the massage parlour.
My virginity was the only available asset that my mother had left, that she could sell.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 673155

It was told that during the wedding feast, Eris [Discordia], a daughter of Nyx, threw a golden apple into their midst, intended as a prize for the most beautiful amongst the three Goddesses at the table: Athena, Hera & Aphrodite, the daughter, wife & clandestine lover of Zeus, respectively. And Zeus wisely dodged the responsibility of making such a tough decision,directing that it should be made by Paris of Troy instead. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 669023

Eros had slept soundly after the tryst with his lovely secretary at the Paradise Hotel.And as his wife, Helen,slept beside him snoring, he was conscious of the fact that his body was reeking with the aroma of Psyche's Nectar.In spite of his having scrubbed away all possible tell-tale signs of any indiscretion on his part.However, Helen had noticed nothing, he told himself, so it must be his own imagination, or perhaps, guilty conscience.Yet, he had not committed adultery with his secretary, he assured himself.All he had was a wonderful meal. So he had not betrayed Helen. He had not sinned.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 651527

And thus Bacchus turned Phyllis into his slave. She had become the lovely slave girl, Briseis, whom Achilles took as a war prize & whom Achilles had to yield to Agamemnon, his boss. Just as Phyllis was the prize that Eros found & whom Eros had to yield to Bacchus,his boss.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 548146

When Psyche got up to leave, Eros once again mentioned that he would miss her on Sunday."Even if you come on Sunday, I shall not be able to give you what you want. I shall be having my period then & it will be too messy for your liking," his secretary advised him.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 414941

At that point, Hermes asked Epimetheus if he was satisfied that whatever had been delivered was in good order & Epimetheus said that he was satisfied but wished that Pandora was also equipped with wings or wheels so that his problems of transportation would also be alleviated.
As that sounded like an impertinent remark , Hermes left without answering him. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 375534

And thus Epimetheus took the lovely Pandora to wife in spite of the warning of his brother, Prometheus, then in the Caucasus, to beware of the Gods bearing gifts. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 327110

He [Cupid] was Love [Eros] reborn. And as he was born after his parents coupled as Love-Birds, he was born with little fluttering wings. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 757922

And it was said that when Love reunited with Passion, all the terrible things that were done out of love, without passion, or out of passion, without love, came to an end. And it was also said that from that moment on, all the Gods, Titans, Giants, Nymphs & Mortal people began making love with passion.
The 6,000 offspring of Oceanus & Tethys were usually explained as the result of making love without passion, or sometimes, as the result of passion without love. But when Love reunited with Passion, Oceanus & Tethys ceased having offspring altogether. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 295692

I would rather you wait till next Sunday" Phyllis politely told her boss, & added with a grin,If you had enjoyed the meal, why don't you introduce me to some of your friends?I am sure they will like it too."
She was putting all her cards on the table.Eros was taken aback but replied "Sure! Sure!" knowing very well he was lying to her.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 266917

Hera thus suggested that she would tell Zeus that he had to couple with Aphrodite as a matter of duty, not love,since this was the wish of Eros & Chaos who were responsible for the Big Bang.And Themis volunteered to tell Aphrodite that she would have to couple with the King of the Gods for the same reason.And thus Themis & Hera took it upon themselves to rectify the consequences of the Big Bang by arranging the Big Crunch. And when the news got around, all the Gods & Goddesses of Olympus said that they would like to witness the spectacle. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 260627

And thus it was a right old shambles as anyone could see. Call it Chaos, if you like, the state of affairs when Love went wrong. And everyone wanted to know who the culprit was, who had stolen what rightfully belonged to Hephaestus. And as Zeus was non-commital in the matter, Hera naturally suspected him as the culprit. But the Goddesses agreed that the baby when born, would naturally resemble his father. And thus, when Priapus was born, the culprit would be exposed. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 207973

Eros had consumed a lot of her Nectar, she recalled with great satisfaction. And if Vicky was right, he would be coming back for more, just as Uranus & the others did. And Vicky had told her that as long as she remained a virgin, her Nectar would remain desirable to men, & her womb could go on producing Nectar indefinitely.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 127204

And each day when Poseidon & his entourage of Goddesses & Nymphs arrived, Hera would come with them. And as the amphora began to be filled with Poseidon's seed, Hera would report that her amphora would take much longer to fill, as Zeus, her husband, was not a willing donor. But she had in fact been cheating by instructing her daughters, Hebe & Eilithyia, to empty the amphora filled with their father's seed into the rivers & streams, lakes & ponds, & the springs in the woods, so that the amphora would never be full, as this was the only way she could continue to keep her husband's sex drive in check, & with good reason to do so. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 122133

All the talk about virgins recently had made him secretly yearn for some of the Nectar that they produced in their young wombs.It must have been at least fifty years since he had last tasted a virgin's Nectar. And that came from the lovely Metis, the neighbour's daughter, who subsequently became his wife.
Virgins were supposed to have hymens, yet he had never seen his wife's hymen."You don't notice such things when you are young", he told himself. All his three daughters had grown up from virgins to adults without him ever noticing them having hymens. They were all happily married now, with families of their own.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 121028

Once she was separated from the cockles & clams, she found herself miraculously transformed into a Goddess. But she found herself different from the Goddesses & Nymphs of the sea because of the girdle. It clung to her body as a second skin, or as the shell clung to the cockle, & she had never been able to take it off. And thus, she herself had never known what she hid beneath the girdle. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 84817

And Vicky also told her sister that all girls at the Health Centre considered that men were born crazy, if not down-right stupid.They were prepared to do crazy things & pay high prices just to prove how "macho" they were, when it came to young pretty girls. And the sisters tittered with laughter at the thought of the old men who enjoyed drinking Phyllis' urine & the young men who ate cucumber sandwiches filled with her excrement. And thus Vicky told Phyllis that although one should not take candy off children, it was quite in order to take money off crazy & stupid rich men.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 79346

Her armpits were still slightly wet & she examined them one by one. No hair. This was one of her greatest assets over her sister who had underarm hair.Her slender arms & long legs were also free of hair. She had only a little bit of pubic hair, she noticed. It must be terrible to have lots of ugly underarm & thick coarse arm & leg hairs that you had to shave off daily, she thought. A bit more pubic hair, she wouldn't mind, she decided. But they tended to tickle men's nostrils & make them sneeze.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1058747

The highly spirited girl stood up to face her challengers & smiled.She had learnt from the age of thirteen, that what men wanted from young naked girls, was sex. And although the crafty Typhon had stipulated that she would be evaluated in five different areas, & the sixth, in accordance to his mood, all six only spelled sex differently.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1405164

The story was however told that when Hephaestus was instructed to create Pandora, he had misunderstood Zeus' intentions.Pandora should have been given wings so that the abilities of men could at least equal those of the beasts.But instead, Hephaestus gave women the burdens of ovulation,pregnancy,catamenia,birth pangs & of suckling their offspring, the abilities that enabled the beasts to reproduce themselves:burdens from which Goddesses & Nymphs were spared & happy to be without. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1375988

Nobody knew how it all began, neither Homer nor Hesiod. Nor Ovid nor Vergil. But it was said that at the beginning, there was Chaos, which meant confusion & disorder, & there was Eros, which meant love. And confusion & disorder were what all those who were smitten by love [Eros] felt at the beginning & what all lovers felt when they fell out of love. Thus, it appeared that confusion & disorder [Chaos] was the flip-side of love & that Eros was the other face of chaos. And, thus, Eros & Chaos were in fact one. And the poets saw other aspects of Eros, such as Himeros[Passion or Desire], Anteros[Reciprocal or Mutual Love] & Pothos[Longing]. And they also saw other aspects of Chaos, such as Phobos[Fear] & Deimos[Terror]. And that since Eros & Chaos were one,all these aspects of the two were the aspects of love. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1375493

He was Love,& yet did not know what love was.And indeed it had taken a long time for him to find out that Love was also Hate,since Love could turn into Hate,& vice versa.And between Love & Hate, was Chaos[Confusion]. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1314914

And, talking about the God of Love, Eros, who had grown up from the cute angelic Cupid with his ten colourful darts & golden bow, now wanted to be the God of True Love. He locked himself in embrace with his lovely wife, Psyche, all day & night, since, as he put it, Psyche was the Soul, & he, Eros, was the Body. And thus, Body & Soul should always be together. And he had, accordingly, set his golden bow & quiver of colourful darts aside. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1297269

Then Pandora bade Epimetheus to touch her breasts,as her heart palpitated excitedly beneath her chest, & invited him to fondle her nipples which were firm & turgid.And she then held his quaking hand in hers & took it & placed it over her pubic hair.
And she set herself down & opened her thighs wide to allow him to examine her crotch.And she challenged him to find a little cup dripping with Nectar that she hid within the folds of her crotch. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1247606

This is how to de-fang an over-tempestuous customer!" Vicky told her sister. "This was what I was taught by Doris at the Health Centre! Once a man has been disarmed, he will go away quietly like a lamb! Or a dog, with his tail between his legs! He! He! He!" she burbled, unable to contain her mirth.
And this was how Venus outwitted Mars to save Psyche's virginity. Mars was defeated by a simple manoeuvre known in the massage parlour industry as a "Hand Job"![MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1166136

This was because, after the birth of Priapus, they had developed a love/hate relationship with each other. They loved & hated each other at the same time. And even when he assured her that he would do his best to bring back Metis from the dead, she was not satisfied. She wanted Asteria & Semele to be reborn as well. And he had even issued instructions that human sacrifices should be stopped, in particular, the sacrificing of young virgin girls, since, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, liked to see young virgin girls loved rather than cut into pieces to feed the sacrificial flame of Hestia. The Athenians, as a whole, had stopped the practice of sacrificing Hyacinthids, after Macaria. And indeed, Artemis had stopped the sacrifice of Iphigenia. And after Polyxena & Periboae were sacrificed, Athena had stopped the sacrifice of the Locrian girls by the Trojans. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1091445

He almost shouted, "What? You knew it all along?"
She smiled & said,"That was why I left the front door ajar, so that you could follow me in. You wanted to see me naked & I decided to let you. You see, at that time, I was as much in love with you as you were in love with me. And I decided to show you everything, to leave nothing to your imagination, because that was what you wanted & what I also wanted."[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1071207

Hera also cheated, by winning the confidence of her sister-in-law, Amphitrite. As Hera convinced her that all she wanted to do was to keep Zeus' sex drive in check for as long as possible, Amphitrite agreed to give Hera an amphora full of Poseidon's seed, obtained by pouring off a little quantity of seed each time into a hidden amphora. Besides, Amphitrite knew that her husband wouldn't mind, as he enjoyed each day's session. And thus, by so doing, the filling of seed by both brothers into their respective amphoras, was slowed down by their wives by equal proportion. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1431976

The two lovers then hugged & embraced each other as Zeus said that he had to leave soon: he did not want the Gods & Goddesses of Olympus to get too worked up about his disappearance. Then Aphrodite kissed her beloved on the lips & pressed his mouth open with her tongue. And their tongues made contact & liked the feel of each other. And so they kissed with their tongues lashing excitedly in each other's mouth, with love & passion. And that was the first time Gods & Goddesses kissed that way. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1058055

And, in keeping with the original Milesian Tales which had happy endings, I would conclude the episode of the lovely Atalanta Chan, who, having sold her virginity for one million dollars, ended up still a virgin.
This fact did not escape the astute mind of the financial wizard, Butes, who pointed out to the lovely girl that since her flower had already been fully paid for & since it was he who had arranged the deal, he should be the one to enjoy any benefit that remained.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1047002

And the naked lovers looked for a place where they could lay together & Aphrodite suggested that her bed was as good as any. And thus, Ares & Aphrodite, dropped their war games in favour of love games, to make love, not war. And as they kissed & coupled again & again in Aphrodite's bed, the Goddess of Love was impregnated with the lovely Harmonia since Harmony & Peace prevailed when people made love, not war. And that was also the time when Chaos fell on the lovers as the invisible netting rigged by Hephaestus over his wife's bed caught the lovers in its trap. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 1019086

Nerites told her that he had fifty sisters & he, being the only son of the family, had been given the privilege of examing the genitals of each & every one of his sisters. He told her that Thetis had soft downy pubic hair & so did Amphitrite, Galatea & some others. Whilst others such as Ione, Hippothoe, Polynoe & Sao had thick coarse pubic hair. He also said that all his sisters hid little cups within the folds of their crotches & that these cups gradually filled up with Nectar when touched. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 997144

And Pandora pointed out to Epimetheus that he neither had wings nor wheels & so he should therefore not expect that of her also.And that besides,she had also brought with her a jar containing 10,000 gifts from Zeus for the blunder he had made in distributing to the beasts all the abilities that should have been given to men.And thus, he should be satisfied with whatever he had been given.As she, Pandora, had spoken. — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 940220

Adonis is now treating her like a Princess. I think he might even propose marriage, since his wife has just divorced him!" Phyllis explained, & added conversationally,"Do you know why his wife divorced Adonis? For "impotence"! Or what they prefer to call "incompatibility"! Adonis had been giving all his sperm to Vicky at the massage parlour, & had nothing left for his wife. Whenever he had some, he would look for Vicky- so his wife found him incompatible! Don't you find it funny? He! He! He!" she laughed.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 910068

All the Directors were happy that they had been able to enjoy a bit of extra-marital sex without breaking their matrimonial vows & seeing how pleased they were, the lovely slave offered to perform for them a dance of love & ecstasy.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 865785

Lovers reeked of each other after they had exchanged body fluids & hormones in the union of love. But men who dined on a girl's Nectar did not exchange body fluids & hormones with her. Thus, although she would not reek of them, they would reek of her. And that was the reason why everyone who had ever tasted Phyllis' Nectar had yearned for her, starting with her earliest lover of all, Saturn.
Whilst Mars pined for her, he felt that he had also been humiliated & humbled by her in public. And so, there was a secret grudge, somewhere in his bosom. It was a strange feeling of love & hate & this explosive mixture within him, always drove him to war.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 845433

Handing Pee Wee to her sister, she admonished her not to stop. "And be careful! Should sperm come shooting out, never let it enter your eyes. It will make you blind!" The theory that everyone in the massage parlour shared but which had yet to be proven. Vicky then put her panties back on & took her leave, letting her younger sister to pamper Pee Wee.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Chong Quotes 843185

Hera also slept well that night as she had brilliantly engineered the coup of her life.Her wayward husband had returned late that evening & announced that he was too tired to make love.He had had a most entangling day,he said, performing his kingly duties.She then told him to have a good night's rest as she had an important job for him to perform in the morning.It was a job demanded by Chaos & Eros who were responsible for the beginning of things, she said. — Nicholas Chong