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What do you mean I didn't answer your question? I told you everything about me. I told you something personal." My jaw was slack and I was openly staring at him, more than a little shocked by his response.

"I asked about you. Your first and only response was to tell me about your disorder. You aren't your disorder. You told me about all the things you don't like and none of the things you do like. I just find it hard to believe someone like you is completely comprised of dislikes and not a single like. — Nash Summers

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He was from a fantasy where fairies and pixies danced through the woods and slept in dewy beds of twigs and petals. He was a creature unlike anything poets or philosophers could conjure up. He was born from alchemy, created by twisting storm clouds and rays of sunshine together. — Nash Summers

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Because I'm going to try so hard to make you love me. — Nash Summers

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When have I ever given him the impression that I was okay with him just stopping by whenever he wanted to use my body as an organic garbage disposal? — Nash Summers

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Well, I have severe OCD and social anxiety disorder. I was diagnosed when I was fifteen and every year I get worse. I don't like people, I don't like outdoors, and I don't like trying new things. I have a routine and when my routine is interrupted, like you seem to enjoy doing, I get extremely stressed and it becomes difficult for me to focus for hours afterwards. — Nash Summers

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So I'd lie there, lingering in that space between sleep and consciousness, and let him touch me in all the ways he wanted. — Nash Summers

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He kissed me. He kissed me like a thousand promises were being exchanged through that one kiss. — Nash Summers

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Jude, it was so hard seeing you day after day, that fucking smile of yours, those eyes, that snarky sense of humor. I wanted you so badly, and not being able to even touch you felt like trying to breathe under a mountain of snow. — Nash Summers