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Narayan Liu Quotes & Sayings

Enjoy the top 3 famous quotes, sayings and quotations by Narayan Liu.

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There is no elegance in this existence, nor grace in our lives. There is nothing poetic about feasting on blood that spills from torn flesh... — Narayan Liu

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The real monsters are born, not made. They are the ones who watch behind friendly faces. The ones who come for the innocent trying to steal everything they have, be it their most treasured possessions, their honour or their lives. Not because they must, not because their very existence relies on it but simply because there is a thrill in it for them. To watch a man pierced by wrath and greed die a lonely death, to watch a woman pierced by lust and anger whimper away in fear. It thrills them to watch man burn and bleed. Real monsters love to turn the sound of beautiful life into many a terrified scream. — Narayan Liu

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She could not bring herself to turn away from the night sky, for the stars and the blackness were the only escape she had when old faded memories returned to haunt her. — Narayan Liu