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Famous Quotes By Mpho Leteng

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What cause then, Take me far forth and far hind,
Dare take me home faraway far and leave me far behind?
What tale told untold to my furthest mind?
A story I would rummage around and not find,
If stories consigned to me all on form defined,
What cause therefore, untruths familiar not to mankind
Will slay me gone as assigned? — Mpho Leteng

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We love the way we do because we don't know any other way — Mpho Leteng

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Beyond acts of right and wrong, those who journey negatively live possitively after and those who journey possitively after — Mpho Leteng

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But when I am due ...
Keep local the chest to lay rest my simple skins in, — Mpho Leteng

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What out-of-the-way cause graze me grazed a lot,
Undo me loose from the genuine ties of my destiny,
What greater sin than a man's blasphemy?
If any to consume my inward person like the vile when hades burn still,
If I know me well and I'm without doubt for real
Of how I would feel at the triumph of mine deal
What cause to trade the whole shebang, the lot I labored for? — Mpho Leteng

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What cause then, to have me in hysterics of unknown kind?
Far-off the clandestine black where my road I cannot find,
What cause then, to submit me not here? — Mpho Leteng

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The probabilitation of possibilities is the mother of many unrealistic ideas,uninformative decisions,inappropriate measures and unfair actions because most of the times we were approximate where we needth to be exact. — Mpho Leteng

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The greatest man is he who is part of himself — Mpho Leteng

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We've been betrayed by hope to deny our sufferage by day — Mpho Leteng

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If with a sweeping heart I sow firstly this seeds,
If too dearly deeds I give arms long,
That will make tomorrow a better day to gift infancy's years the sunshine song,
For none cause, then has a better bottom than smiles of youth, — Mpho Leteng

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Making sense only to yourself is the most feasible test for human personal understanding — Mpho Leteng

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There is a difference between a poem and a writing incrusted with a feel of Poetry to fall within range — Mpho Leteng

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The total vacuity of world leadership thinking has lead to the practice of claiming to heal the world through politicising unviable theoretical means of finding world peace,what we need is just to cement the differences between people and there will be a piece of peace at every doorstep — Mpho Leteng

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The reason why we find it hard to deal with some situations is that we often get too deep into them that we end up being part of the problem — Mpho Leteng

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Remember me as of ages ago and days gone long,
When we'd go off at a tangent along;
Thy page- dyed pieces among
The rest I have known a poem. — Mpho Leteng