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Weakness is weaker when discovered by others. — Mita Jain

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Quote from In Love of Honey, Money....and My Virgin Passport

If you think you've the most wicked sense of humour, try life! — Mita Jain

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People, at least a few like me, have this weird tendency of running away from things when they are their own, and racing after them obsessively when they are gone. — Mita Jain

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She says she can read my eyes before I speak the words. — Mita Jain

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As the nicknames get shorter, people come closer. — Mita Jain

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After all these years, he stood humbled and she stood corrected. Tara's eyes were downcast as she looked at the distance between them. If he had taken a step towards her, she was sure she could take a million too. — Mita Jain

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Blood doesn't speak of its owner. — Mita Jain

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Jay prepared himself to face the woman who must be at either side of emotions to be with him today - extreme hatred or extreme love. — Mita Jain

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Men are born with a great asset of weak memory, especially for the bad moments. It's not the same with women though. Good or bad, they would keep the memories intact like permanent data in ROM. — Mita Jain

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I uttered the wisest thing that you must say to an angry woman - "I'm sorry. — Mita Jain