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I love good comedy. I don't like bad comedy. — Michael Dorn

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But now they have it down to a real science where it's about an hour. — Michael Dorn

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I'd love to star in a television series of my own. I love the idea of living with a character for a number of years, watching him grow. — Michael Dorn

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I've spent so much time in that makeup that I'm now unrecognizable. The business doesn't know who I am. — Michael Dorn

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I was diagnosed with an early, early stage of prostate cancer. I was almost a vegetarian then. I was heading that direction. What pushed me over the edge, was the doctor who did the diagnosis. He said in a discussion about prostate cancer that he had never seen a vegetarian with prostate cancer. And this is not a holistic doctor, this is a regular, mainstream doctor. And I was just blown away. — Michael Dorn

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Was seriously just a name. They didn't tell you what to do. They didn't tell you how they wanted the character to be nothing. You went in to audition for this character name and that was it. When I started, before I came onto the set, I went to Gene Roddenberry and said: hey, what do you want from this guy? Who is he? And being as smart as he is, he said: don't listen to what you've heard or read or seen in the past, nothing. Just make the character your own. And that's what I did. — Michael Dorn

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The truth is no excuse for a boring story". — Michael Dorn

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Even people that were never interested in science fiction are interested in STAR TREK. — Michael Dorn

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When I was growing up, I had a G.I. Joe doll, and now, to see a recreation of my character as an action figure ... it's strange. Because Worf doesn't really look like Michael Dorn without makeup, it's easier to separate myself from these recreations, but it's still strange, flattering, and weird all at the same time. — Michael Dorn

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I have not been recognized. — Michael Dorn

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Ron Moore. He was the guy that on our show and Deep Space Nine wrote the best Klingon episodes. He wrote great episodes in general but he wrote the best Klingon episodes. I always could tell when he was going to write a Klingon episode because he was able to grow a beard really quick and I'd see him with the beard, like a Worf beard, and I go "Ah, Klingon episode coming up!" and he goes "Oh yeah." — Michael Dorn

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When you're on a series, it's tough to go on and do something else afterward. If you're smart, save your money and you can wait out the bad times, until something else comes along. — Michael Dorn

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I like plays, movies, everything. It doesn't matter. — Michael Dorn

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I miss working with my friends and the fun we had. Working on the series was the best time I ever had on a set. I am disappointed that they cancelled the series when they did, because I felt that by the seventh season, we were really hitting our stride, and that episodes were getting better and better. Some people say that the show had run its course and that it was time to quit, but I disagree. — Michael Dorn

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After doing STAR TREK for so many years, to do just regular makeup is such a treat. Just put some makeup on and "thank you very much," you're on your way. — Michael Dorn