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Crested Butte is for spectators; Chamonix is for participants. — Mark Twight

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The simple fact is this: when you goto Alaska, you get your ass kicked. — Mark Twight

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I scavenged for sensation, sought myself in the rewards of being out there, across the Border. — Mark Twight

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Live the lifestyle instead of paying lip service to the lifesytle. Live with commitment. With emotional content. Live whatever life you choose honestly. Give up this renaissance man, dilettante bullshit of doing a lot of different things (and none of them very well by real standards). Get to the guts of one thing; accept, without casuistry, the responsability of making a choice. — Mark Twight

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We surround ourselves with people like ourselves. You become what you hang around. — Mark Twight

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I don't actually care what I climb, only how it affects me. Which means the summit doesn't matter as much as the emotional process. — Mark Twight

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So go ahead, break stuff. Break yourself on the once-hard edges of yourself. And recycle the debris into the foundation of your future. — Mark Twight

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Ultimately, I wanted to own a big truck, exercise my second Amendment rights, listen to hardcore music, and let my congressman know how poorly he represents me. None of this could occur in France. — Mark Twight

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And while ambition sleeps inside of me I content myself with memories of glitter and despair. — Mark Twight

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Effort and pain may not be avoided. Physical and psychological breakdowns occur. The support of a like-minded group, dedicated to The Art of Suffering, provides a safety net. An individual will push harder and risk more in the company of trustworthy peers ... — Mark Twight

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One hour three times per week in the gym is no counterbalance to all of the other behavior in those other 165 hours — Mark Twight

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If you can not grasp the consciousness-altering experience that real mastery of these disciplines proposes, of what value is your participation? — Mark Twight

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Some of us wake up. Others roll over. — Mark Twight

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Success can breed contempt, and a casual attitude toward danger. — Mark Twight

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Apperance is a Consequence of Fitness. — Mark Twight

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We may train ourselves to be adaptable as possible, to respond appropriately in each situation, but the ideal of controlling the outcome or steering events as they occur must be relinquished. Chaos rules it all. — Mark Twight

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Punish the body to perfect the soul. — Mark Twight

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There is risk, known and unknown, in all aspects of life. We often consider the loss of life the only serious risk. Unless we are genuinely aware, we calculate the danger arising from our own physical and emotional states and from external conditions based on incomplete information. If we believe we can manage those risks, we accept them. Whether these choices are born of delusion or reality comes out in the end. — Mark Twight

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Inconsistency, incompetence, and lies are all cut short by the ground. It will stop you if you can't stop yourself. — Mark Twight

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Relish the challenge of overcoming difficulties that would crush ordinary men ... learn to suffer. — Mark Twight

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The months of being disingenuously friendly and the resulting self-hatred taught me that self-confidence cannot be based on the approval of others. — Mark Twight

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Memories and hope are not so different; one is "having done" the other is "to do." Neither constitutes action. You are what you do; thus, if you do nothing, you are nobody. If you once did great things, you think you are great. You coast along on dead, preserved laurels, lifeless and wasting away. — Mark Twight

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Modern man is conditioned to expect instant gratification, but any success or triumph realized quickly, with only marginal effort, is necessarily shallow. Meaningful achievement takes time, hard work, persistence, patience, proper intent and self-awareness. The path to success is punctuated by failure, consolidation, and renewed effort. — Mark Twight

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It doesn't have to be fun to be fun. — Mark Twight

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Wind surged across the frozen wastes. Our bodies moved restlessly, we could not feed them enough. Dusk upon us, we crept across the ghetto of boulders, our headlamps sometimes eerie, then like rockets in the fog. Total darkness ambushed us short of our destination. The hours wore on. The moraine wore us down. My eyes were riveted to the rising scythe of a moon. In that instant I figured out what was killing me. It wasn't the quick blow of an ax, but the slow torment of the rack: each day I was weaker, each hour a little more sick. With every night that passed I shuffled a bit nearer to death. I made life-and-death decisions like I was choosing between two brands — Mark Twight

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Frostbite? I consider that a failure. — Mark Twight

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You become what you do. How and what you become depends on environmental influence so you become who you hang around. Raise the standard your peers must meet and you'll raise your expectations of yourself. If your environment is not making you better, change it. — Mark Twight

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Sometimes you must sacrifice yourself on the altar of effort to be reminded of what and who you could become if you applied yourself. — Mark Twight

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Everything costs something everyone pays — Mark Twight