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In the fire of his embrace, all that was her ceased to exist. Only what was God remained. I am. The cloisterbell, the voice of Christ. He spoke again: I am. She tried to obey but was frozen in beauty, like a fly trapped in amber. She could not move. Nothing exists apart from me. Self had been an illusion, a dream. God dreaming. — Mark Salzman

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If I serve you in hopes of Paradise, deny me Paradise.If I serve thee in fear of hell, condemn me to hell.But if I love thee for love of thyself,then grant me thyself. — Mark Salzman

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She knew that it was better to have a dream and pay a price for it than to be lukewarm. - regarding St. Teresa of Avila — Mark Salzman

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The nurse pointed out that identical twins were already clones in a sense, and Mother Emmanuel suggested that the soul to worry about belonged to the person who would have himself cloned at great expense when so many unwanted children were going hungry. — Mark Salzman

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It's a mean story, Helen fumed. An absentee father who demands that his children put him at the center of their lives and beg for his return. Sister Priscilla didn't think it was mean, apparently. She was so in love with God that she had married him, even though she would not see his face, hear his voice, or feel his embrace for as long as she lived. One of us, Helen, thought is flying blind. — Mark Salzman

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suffering borne by two is nearly joy. — Mark Salzman

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In the beginning we all feel a bit like imposters in our capes and veils and being called 'sister'. But don't worry about it
just act like you think a nun should when you're not sure what to do, and you'll find that through grace and love you become one. — Mark Salzman

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My writing is how I maintain. — Mark Salzman

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When one heart moves the whole web trembles. — Mark Salzman

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Am I really a person who lives by faith? God can surely tell the difference between someone who walks in darkness and someone who walks with her eyes shut. Which am I? — Mark Salzman

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If you do all that work of figuring out exactly how writing is done, then it's available to you at anytime, and you can build on it. It's like the difference between shooting one hoop and having it go in by accident and saying later, 'I shot a basket,' - and practicing so much you can do it whenever you want. — Mark Salzman

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Our world cannot be complete without you, and without hearing what you have to say. True justice cannot exist without compassion; compassion cannot exist without understanding. But no one will understand you unless you speak, and are able to speak clearly (Sister Janet to the students, page 155). — Mark Salzman

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Every moment a beginning. Every moment an end. — Mark Salzman

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I don't like being talked into things by ungraceful people. — Mark Salzman

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What if I have it all upside down? What if I'm the one who knows nothing of God, and the people in the world are actually interceding on my behalf with their ordinary daily struggles — Mark Salzman