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Famous Quotes By Marin Ireland

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The thing I respond to the most is just great writing, interesting characters. I like to think that there is something fun about playing a character that has a lot of authority in her own life. — Marin Ireland

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The ultimate idea of rags-to-riches success in America is the Hollywood movie star. — Marin Ireland

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As actors, you like to think about the luxury of having choices in your career, but for the most part you kind of take whatever comes your way and hope that you carved out something that you're proud of in the end. — Marin Ireland

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I've been really lucky because when I go out to L.A. it's for a job, not to look for a job. That's the way I like L.A. most - when I already have a job. — Marin Ireland

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When you're trying to look pretty, it's a lot easier to compare you to other people. I always felt intimidated in pilot season trying to audition for 'the girlfriend.' Whereas when it's like, 'you're auditioning for the part of this meth addict, trailer park whatever,' it's like, 'Great!' — Marin Ireland

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Usually, I end up being the frumpy or mentally challenged or in 'Reasons to Be Pretty', regular. Or a weirdo. I play a lot of weirdos. — Marin Ireland

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It's such a luxury as an actor to think of your career as something you're choosing for yourself, because so much of the time as an actor you're just hoping that exciting projects come your way. — Marin Ireland

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My favorite thing to hear from people is, 'I left the theater and couldn't stop thinking about it.' You want your work to have an impact after they leave the theater. It's the equivalent of leaving a musical humming a show tune. — Marin Ireland

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I have a really hard time watching gory stuff and horror movies. I have said no to some horror movie things. I wouldn't rule it out; I could probably be convinced to do one. But sometimes, I just get ill. — Marin Ireland