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Social media is like reunion, but the catching up is done through the comfort of your own bed. Scrolling through photos and statuses are too easy to not be done. You know about their social life and where they've been last weekend. Then you wonder why they have such flawless hair and make up. How could they look so effortlessly awesome? — Marcella Purnama

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One of the first lessons I learned in working life was that you don't need to like every one of your colleagues, and they don't need to like you either. You just have to respect them, and getting their respect in return. — Marcella Purnama

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I hated reunions. It made myself felt so little afterwards. When I was there, I couldn't help not knowing. But after I knew things, I couldn't stop comparing. I was congratulating people when they told me the good news, but deep inside I was wondering whether their good news was better than mine. Life wasn't supposed to be a competition, but it really felt like one. — Marcella Purnama

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Success and accomplishments aren't the golden "good life" goals. Instead, having a good life is simple. For an old man to be happy, he just wants to watch the fireworks with his granddaughter on Chinese New Year's Eve. — Marcella Purnama

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And I still don't know what I would do next. I still don't know how to become an adult. But I know for sure that my parents would be proud of me, proud of their three daughters, no matter what path we choose. And it doesn't matter if we get lost or choose the wrong path, because what matters is choosing to get back up once again. — Marcella Purnama

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They say it is hard to raise children. They say I would understand it
when I have children of my own. They say I would understand it when I go through the experience myself.

It is not easy to raise children into adults. There are so many things that could go wrong. — Marcella Purnama

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There's a quote that has been said too many times by too many people: I must have done something right to deserve you in my life.

Perhaps despite all our wrong doings and mistakes, despite all our failures and imperfections, we have done something right, for something good still happens in life. — Marcella Purnama

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Our Peter Pan generation is unhappy. All our lives, we want to grow up -
to be treated like adults, to have freedom to choose. Then we get here and
it turns out being an adult sucks. We pay the bills and taxes, watching others succeed while we are forever waiting for our turn.

We believe we are special, but nothing special has come our way. — Marcella Purnama