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Famous Quotes By Manjul Bajaj

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We are more than our feelings. Feelings are like leaves and flowers on the tree of our being. They are the first to dance in the breeze, the first to blossom in springtime, the first to sparkle in the rain. But come the cold and frost, we discover that the bare branches of our values and the roots of our traditions are the structure we stand on. — Manjul Bajaj

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History remembers only the names of the conquerors. There are no pages devoted to the scruples of the losers. — Manjul Bajaj

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A girl is never born alone. From birth she is accompanied by two invisible twin sisters named Lajja and Sharm. Lajja is the older of the twins, split seconds ahead. She whispers warnings, advises modesty, advocates caution. Sharm is the nasty number, the tattletale, the teaser, the guilt-tripper. — Manjul Bajaj

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Time is like a barber, it shears you first and then shows you your own face in the mirror. (Marrying Nusrat) — Manjul Bajaj

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There is no greatness in dying for love, Raakha, she wanted to say. Those who die untimely, violent deaths don't become ashes. They become guilty scars on the flesh of the living. They become wounds that never heal no matter how much time passes. — Manjul Bajaj

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Years don't age a man - experiences do that. — Manjul Bajaj

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The only crime is getting caught. Don't ever commit it. — Manjul Bajaj