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Heat radiated from him, penetrating her like the sun warming her on hot midsummer days. It coiled inside her, low in her belly, and sank lower. She recognized it, the magic between lovers. Intoxicating and intense. An all-consuming attraction. The air between them shimmered with energy, an irresistible force connecting them. — Lisa Carlisle

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Her eyes widened. "You showed them what you are?"
"Aye. We put on quite the show. Shifted from stone, played our unique blend of music, and then flew into the air when the concert was over. — Lisa Carlisle

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When we wake, it's officially Christmas Eve."
"Good. Because I have something special to give you."
She turned over her shoulder and cocked an eyebrow. "Thought you just did."
He chuckled, a deep and throaty sound. "Something else. — Lisa Carlisle

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I'm into you, Gina." He studied her face, her parted lips, and then pulled his gaze away. "But we can never be together. — Lisa Carlisle

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Walk away. Leave her be.
And let this opportunity pass?
Relinquish the chance to be alone with her while she admired his art?
The temptation was too much to resist. — Lisa Carlisle

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What treasures he would give for one night with her. To watch her strip off one of her vintage dresses, revealing her satin skin inch by inch just for him. — Lisa Carlisle

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You could inspire any man to do a number of things. — Lisa Carlisle

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That's what you asked him?"
"Yeah, why?" Gina scrunched her face with confusion.
"I thought you were going to say something juicy."
"Like what?"
"I don't know, like if he would be your sex slave or something like that."
"Kelly! Why would I ask him that?"
"He's a hot guy, you're a hot girl. We're in a super romantic castle on the coast." Kelly waved her hand around the room for emphasis. "Why the hell not generate some heat in between these cold stone walls? — Lisa Carlisle

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The five statutes loomed above the crowd, still and timeless. The last light of the setting sun cast an eerie glow around them. When she fixed her gaze on Mason's stone form, her heart thumped. She scanned every inch of his silhouette, wondering about the spark of life within the stone that would animate him into flesh. A warm-blooded male with a heated touch and sensuous lips that made her melt. — Lisa Carlisle

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They soared past the dark shapes of animals, grazing in the fields.
"What are they?" she asked.
"Sheep," Mason replied. "I once heard someone describe them as floating like clouds across the hills. — Lisa Carlisle

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What a surprising turn of events. He'd only come out here to question the intruder he'd spotted while watching from his stone repose. Instead, he'd found a gargoyle who needed a place to stay. Not what he'd expected. — Lisa Carlisle

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Bryce carried her to the bed and lowered her onto it. He crawled to her with a predatory look, leaving her no doubt she was the prey. "I promise to make you feel good. — Lisa Carlisle

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I told my brothers what happened. Are you ready to come meet them?"
She straightened. "Aye."
"I warn you," he teased in an attempt to lighten the mood. "They're big, burly bampots. — Lisa Carlisle

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Your life is very different from mine. For one, you can transform into a wolf."
"I can," she agreed. "And you live with a vampire and gargoyle. That's not the typical human way, is it? — Lisa Carlisle

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A cross between two species. Doomed with the thirst of the undead for human blood, yet tormented by the gargoyle drive to protect them. — Lisa Carlisle

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Nobody's having any babies, yet," Mason said, spreading both arms wide. Still pale after the onslaught of questions, he managed to smirk at his brothers and add, "Although I'm enjoying the practice of making them. — Lisa Carlisle

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Better undead than dead. — Lisa Carlisle

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I should tell you something about what happens after I play."
"What's that?"
He pulled her back into his arms. "I get excited... — Lisa Carlisle

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In decades past, the three clans of the island - tree witches, gargoyles, and wolves, had cloaked their land with many layers of protection. Their combined magic had created such a powerful force it had remained undetected by human technology. When a feud erupted between the witches and gargoyles twenty-five years ago it led to a division of land. Without reinforcements from the clans' combined magic, the protection seeped away. — Lisa Carlisle

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She tore her eyes from his abs and gave in to the temptation to look further down. Over his kilt her eyes wandered and stopped, speculating on the promising bulge beneath the blue tartan.
"Hope you like what you see... — Lisa Carlisle

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The tree witches kept to themselves, a self-sufficient coven specializing in certain skills. The witches sang, played music, and danced at the gatherings around the fire, but nothing like what she'd experienced when the gargoyles transformed. After the first night, she was hooked.It was a risk to return but one she was willing to take. She'd ventured to that different world to hear the unique groups, especially to watch the guitarist with hair as black as midnight. — Lisa Carlisle

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I'd be careful about watching me too closely."
"Why?" She smiled to match the sassy tone in her voice.
The smirk that had lingered on his face dropped away, replaced by a serious expression. "You might not like what you see. — Lisa Carlisle

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You don't have to pose," she said. "I want to capture you as you were. Forget I'm even here."
He gave her a lopsided grin. "It's impossible not to notice you. — Lisa Carlisle

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She shivered as a blustery wind rushed past. She'd made a mistake in returning to the city. She should've stayed in the castle with Antoine. She'd be warm in his arms right now, instead of being held prisoner. — Lisa Carlisle

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Cameron's mind registered what the rest of him already knew. He was insane about this woman, and he'd do anything to be with her, anything to protect her. She'd become his world. How it had happened, he didn't know, but it had. — Lisa Carlisle

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No longer was she living moment to moment in a hyper-vigilant state, she was reminded of more primal needs. She was a female in the arms of a very potent male. — Lisa Carlisle

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The more time I spend with you lot, the more I wonder if you forget to shift your brains from stone," she added with a grin.
Gavin laughed. "Not our brains. Our cocks maybe. — Lisa Carlisle

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You wanted to see me?" she asked after shutting the door. She remained where she was, not daring to move any closer.
He turned his gaze from the fire crackling over the logs to face her. Those dark eyes scanned her from head to foot and when they reached her once again, they gleamed with unmistakable hunger.
"Take off your clothes," he said calmly. — Lisa Carlisle

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When you live among piranhas, you find truth and goodness an asset. — Lisa Carlisle

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Nothing would keep him from loving her. She was everything he wanted. She was his. — Lisa Carlisle

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Look at me, Regina."
She glanced up at him, appearing tiny. He stood almost a foot taller than her in his boots while she wore flats, which looked like ballet shoes. His palms heated and his heartbeat raced. Her scent that had teased him from afar now tormented him up close. God, he wanted to wrap himself in that scent, bury himself deep inside her. — Lisa Carlisle

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I've been waiting for you." His voice sizzled with hunger.
How could I respond? I've been thinking about you non-stop like a sex-crazed harlot since I left?
"I'm here. — Lisa Carlisle

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Since she had arrived for her stay at the artists' colony called Les Beaux Arts at the Chateau DeRoche, she'd noticed something different about the owner, Antoine Chevalier. And not just the way his eyes bore into hers, shooting shivers through her and making it difficult to breathe. His quiet nature, his preference for seclusion for days at a time, and his still, composed temperament belied an intensity within. Noir eyes that rarely blinked spoke of haunted depth and smoldering passion. — Lisa Carlisle

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What in bloody hell is going on back there?" Angus boomed. "Some kind of cross-species orgy! — Lisa Carlisle

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Stop him, stop this, she commanded herself. Reason floated away; she wanted him. If he walked away now, she might disintegrate into a pile of frustration as fragile as the leaves crumbling under foot.
His lips touched hers, shooting electric shock waves rippling to her toes. Then he claimed her with a torrid kiss. Passion welled up from her core, overpowering all thought except her desires. — Lisa Carlisle

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She ceased to breathe. When he leaned forward and his lips fluttered against hers, her footing became unsteady and she stumbled. He placed a hand on her lower back to steady her and pulled her close. Her breasts met his hard torso and she became aware at how frantically her heart beat. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lost herself in the kiss as their lips met. They explored each other with a sort of fascination, mouth and tongues claiming each other in their hunger. Delicately at first, as if not sure this was real or just a fantasy, and then strong and unyielding. Demanding this moment to never end. — Lisa Carlisle

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Why are you walking through the wood alone? — Lisa Carlisle

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It's a new era at the Chateau." Antoine said with a wry smile. "Never thought I'd have a wolf shifter here as a guest."
"Never thought we'd have a gargoyle rock star." Cameron nodded at Dante. — Lisa Carlisle

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Patience, beautiful," he uttered in a low tone. — Lisa Carlisle

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They'd stolen his life.
And rebirthed him as a monster. — Lisa Carlisle

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We've learned it's better to work together to create more possibilities for all, rather than cling to past prejudices. — Lisa Carlisle

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I like solitude."
"Doesn't seem to fit with the personality of a rock guitarist."
"Let me tell you a secret." He leaned forward. "My stage persona is not who I am at all."
Gina realized she had completely stopped painting while listening, enraptured with what he had to say. "What are you then?"
He gave her a mischievous grin that reached his eyes. "Right now, I'm just a guy standing in front of a pretty girl who makes his pulse race. — Lisa Carlisle

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Don't be afraid," he said. "Art is full of agony and beauty. The pen itself a sword of pleasure and pain, isn't it, my poet? — Lisa Carlisle

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The truth echoed in her head. On the same day she met him, he had tried to kill her.
Her mate. — Lisa Carlisle

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It was time to take what he wanted. And what he wanted was her. — Lisa Carlisle

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Can I see it yet?"
Gina shook her head with wide eyes. "Not until it's done. I hate letting anyone see my work until it's finished.
"Why?" A curious glint twinkled from his eyes.
"Uh, uh. I don't know," she stammered. "It's not ready to be seen. Naked, I guess. Unfinished."
"I let you hear a few chords of my music. Unfinished." His voice dropped to a dangerously sexy tone. "Naked. — Lisa Carlisle

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She pushed his massive chest, which was as effective as if she pushed granite. "What are you made of, bloody stone?"
He chuckled, eyes full of mirth. "Sometimes. — Lisa Carlisle

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Cupping her chin, he said, "Sexiest female I've ever seen."
One side of her mouth turned up with a smile while her eyes twinkled. "Even gray and leathery?"
"Ever so bonny. — Lisa Carlisle

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I'm consumed with thoughts of you. Have you bewitched me? — Lisa Carlisle

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During the show, she studied him on stage. The way he strummed the guitar, the movement of muscles in his arms and torso, the sway of the tartan fabric with his movements. Her cheeks heated when she thought about running her fingers over his torso and under his kilt. Oh, the things he could do to her with that body. — Lisa Carlisle

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Oh, is that all you're looking forward to - a break from your studies?" He peered down at her with a knowing smirk. — Lisa Carlisle

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The freak show was about to begin.

Spotlights flooded the musicians powered by solar panels near a massive amplifier. The guitarist continued playing and the others joined in, playing a raucous crossover between hard rock and heavy metal. The one with long blond hair grabbed hold of the microphone and belted out a shattering cry that sounded like a call to battle. The crowd went pin drop silent to listen and then cheered in unison as the band played on. The front man sang piercing growls and low croons about the Knights in Stone, the protectors of the ancient forests, battling against the evil tree witches... Kayla's coven. — Lisa Carlisle

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Remind me who you are," he said in a gentler tone, almost a please. "How we know each other."
"Okay," she began. "I'm Savannah Evans, a grad student and teaching assistant who teaches English at a college in Cambridge. I applied to the colony to work on my poetry and arrived six weeks ago. "We've spoken many times. You've praised my work, which I find a great honor as I'm a fan of your art. — Lisa Carlisle

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Lose the dress first next time. So you don't deprive me of the chance to see you naked, again. — Lisa Carlisle