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Linda Kage Quotes 153739

Still deep I burrow, waiting for tomorrow. Closed off, I bear. The open elements don't care. Laid here in this nest, dormant now I rest. Aching to live and roam, though still burrowed in my tomb. When time brings my spring, maybe I'll rise like a king.
-Anonymous — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 421783

Can I just keep you the rest of the night? For the rest of forever. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 694283

Stories are a way to connect with others and realize we're not alone in our crazy, mixed-up thoughts. I think what you do is important. It keeps introverted people like me from going insane. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 285922

Yet even so, she was so damn beautiful in one of those hauntingly ethereal ways it stole my breath. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2199074

Having the courage to go after something you want ... I've never had that kind of strength before. I'd think it'd be amazing, though. She — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1790206

Tink, you are the best thing that's ever happened to that kid. I don't care if he only has one day left with you or twenty, you just keep doing whatever you're doing until you have to go, and I will forever worship the ground you walk on. Because a little slice of heaven is better than none at all. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1169192

I love that smile," I admitted. "I want to steal it for myself so you'll never be able to smile at anyone else the way you're smiling at me right now. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 955184

Well, you devious little woman you. Do you know what I do to wily women?
"You ... leave them panting and oneless after a world-class orgasm?" she guessed.
"Why yes. Yes, ma'am, I do." Picking her up, I carried her back to my room and kicked the door shut behind me. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 757418

Want to save lives, but art, like the stories you want to write ... that's the kind of stuff that makes life worth living. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 171057

Eva was right. I could never deserve you. You're too good for me. You're out of my reach. You're ... you're Reese Randall."
"You're wrong. I'm not." I wasn't really Reese Randall, and I certainly wasn't out of his reach. "All you have to do is stretch out your hand, Mason." Pressing my palm against my chest, I whispered, "I'm right here. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 695931

It's always the one you shouldn't want that you end up wanting the most — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1946936

I melted, my emotions softening into this huge, gooey ball of adoration. I wanted to laugh and cry and hug him until I decided having a boyfriend who slept with scores of other women for money wasn't really that big of a deal. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2025853

Way down in the boondocks of Waterford,
The girls liked to play for their manly sword.
Goodbye, Mr. Mason Lowe.
Oh, what a gigolo.
Too bad he's retired to Ellamore.
Mason stared at me, stunned speechless. Then he shook his head and cracked a smile. "Manly sword?"
"What?" I shrugged. "I never claimed to be a good poet. You try to come up with something that rhymes with Waterford. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1577187

Where's my girl?" she asked.
"She's back in the office, still looking for her panties."
"Pick!" Gasping, Reese smacked his arm. "That was way more than I wanted to know."
He just chuckled and brought attention to his pocked as he stuffed a peek of cloth deeper out of sight. "So I really shouldn't tell you she's not going to find them, huh? — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1006932

Never trust something that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1597021

I just wanted to get you out of my head. But this is so much better. I like you in my head, under my skin, coated on my tongue. I like you everywhere. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1029635

You carry Harry Potter books around with you to college keggers?
I lifted the volume he'd just given me and shook it in his face. What? You do too. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1950473

I reached out and petted the length of it with two fingers as if timidly greeting a live, rabid animal.
Sweat beaded on Mason's brow. He looked tortured, but he appeared to love every second of his suffering. "You are such a comedian. You know that's not what I meant by touch it. It's not a freaking dog."
"Um, no. I'd say this thing is more the size of a bull. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 718166

Excuse me? Are you saying I'm not flirt-worthy? You know, I am almost already down to my pre-pregnancy weight, and my breasts are like twice the size they normally are. Any other heterosexual man on earth would totally hit on this right now."
"Tink, you are the most flirt-worthy girl I know," Pick spoke up ... "Get yourself something to eat. Then come back and sit by me. I'd be happy to hit on you. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1099716

His caressing palm on her butt almost had her lulled into la-la land when he murmured, "You're mom's got a nice ass. "Willow's eyes popped open. "Excuse me?" "What?" he defended. "You always like pillow talk after sex. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 307591

Whatever." Ten snorted. "Sex solves everything with a guy." "I don't know," Caroline murmured, chewing on her lip thoughtfully. "This is Asher we're talking about. Not you. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 376856

Jealousy is an uncontrollable emotion. It attacks all of us. As long as you don't let it get the best of you, I'm sure you and your envy can live in harmony without anyone getting hurt. So, see? There's no need to feel bad about it. It makes you normal. Human. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 122484

So this is my Pathetic Loser's confession: I am Oren Tenning, and I have fallen. Hard. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 128151

If she loves you back, no woman is going to complain about the hour if a man calls her to proclaim his undying love. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 142032

I didn't want you to ever have to deal with shit like this. It's too ugly and - "
"I don't care. Good or bad, it's a part of you. And you're a part of me. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 165112

Kissing you, wanting you, just being here with you while I'm legally bound to another woman ... that's not what I should be doing. I won't want to belong to her in any way when my heart is yours. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 183868

She murmured, "Thank you," and stared at him with a pair of longing green eyes that made me want to reach across the table and thump Hamilton on the back of the head. Hard.
Prime opportunity to kiss her, I wanted to tell him.
Kiss her already.
Why wasn't he kissing her?
God, what a pansy.
Instead of kissing, they just kept staring until Ham blinked and then grinned. "Staring contest?" he offered.
Dear fuck. Really.
I groaned and covered my face. I was going to have to work on my boy big time ... I might actually have to defriend him after tonight. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 185470

It made me want to close my eyes, and just ... liquefy. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 205212

You want to know something," he responded. "I know one woman and three small children who would think you're amazing if you just spent some time with them once in a while. You might not be anything to the world, but you were the world to them. Were," he repeated cruelly. "Not anymore. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 226264

Sometimes, the Lord just takes blessed people because they've filled their purpose early. Everyone plays their own song. They sing their story to the world and leave behind a melody of memories. Sometimes ... their song is cut short and ends too early. But that doesn't mean their music was any less sweet or that they left any less of an impression. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 229314

Why would you reject me? Why did you? What did I do that turned you off so much? — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 257212

Don't be ashamed of being a big, soft teddy bear, Ham. The world needs more people like you, otherwise it'd just go to shit. - Ten — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 260126

All you have to do is stretch out your hand, Mason." Pressing my palm against my chest, I whispered, "I'm right here."
He shook his head. "I can't. I'm tainted. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 263274

No matter what either of us want, I'm never going to be that innocent boy you fell in love with." Shaking my head, I thumped my hands against my chest. "There's nothing here for you any longer, City. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 271560

It made me think all the nowheres and even the nobodies of the world might stand a chance after all — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 271671

Get a crush on the best looking, most popular, rich boy in school. How original. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 339322

Motherfucker," he groaned. "No Gamble, and I'm stuck in a class with not one, or even two, but three untouchables. This is going to suck ... ass. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 459200

I didn't care. The spider was still alive and that was not cool. "What am I supposed to kill it with?" he demanded, looking harassed. My hysteria rising to titanic proportions, I shrieked, "With your big freaking foot, you idiot. You have what, like, a size twenty shoe. Smash that thing." "I wear a size twelve." He scowled, clearly — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 465516

I took my first sip. When I moaned, he arched an amused brow. "Would you two like to be alone?"
I tucked my latte protectively close. "Yes. Could you give us fifteen, twenty minutes tops? I have a feeling things are about to get real obscene up in this house. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 482169

I think I was in love with Brandt. Like love-love, the gooey, kissy, get married, make babies and live happily ever after kind of love. - Sarah — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 506019

I don't want to only ever meet you in the woods, even though I love this. I ... I gotta feel like there's something real beyond these trees. I want to be able to take you on a date. Just ... once. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 516816

And the other woman's breasts didn't look nearly as swollen as hers," Aspen went on.
Pick snorted. "I'd say."
The blonde shot him a glare. "Who the hell are you, anyway?"
He grinned at her. "Pick."
She blinked. "Pick what? I'm not picking out your name."
"No, that's my name, Tinker Bell. Pick, short for Patrick Jacob Ryan. You like? — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 537362

I knew exactly why I shouldn't be her friend. This was no mere attraction. What I suffered from was total, debilitating awareness. Every freaking inch of me tuned in to her. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 562896

It's been two of the most miserable fucking weeks of my life, stuck here without you. When I start kissing you hello, I'm not coming up for air for a good long while. So ... we're talking first. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 571789

Well, I could befriend her," Ten started, putting on an offended front as he pressed his hand to his chest.
Noel threw back his head and laughed.
"What?" Ten muttered, folding his arms over his chest and glaring. "I make a fucking awesome friend."
Noel's chuckle settled before he seemed to realize Ten was serious. His smile dropped flat. Pointing at Ten's nose, he growled. "Stay the fuck away from my sister."
Ten sent him a bland glance. "Why do you feel the need to say that to me in that exact tone every time you see me? — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 646485

He touched me with such reverence, his fingertips light and curious as they cruised up my spine while his mouth was bold and knowing, his tongue lavishing taut, puckered skin with deadly precision. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 674973

Ten shot her a glare. "Zip it, shorty."
"Shorty?" Reese gasped and set her hand over her heart. "I'll have you know I'm two inches taller than Eva."
"Wow, I'm so impressed. I think I just pissed myself from excitement. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 721223

Name brands were utterly overrated. Except when it came to clothes. Or shoes. Or bacon. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 782426

I don't know who I am anymore. But I know I still love you. I always have, and I always will. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 811364

Can I touch you?"
His lashes closed, resting on the tops of his tanned, sculpted cheeks as his smile grew broad. "You don't have to ask." I reached out immediately but paused within inches of contact. He must've sensed my hesitation because he reopened his eyes. "What's wrong?"
I swallowed, utterly overwhelmed. "I don't know where to start."
Mason's gaze warmed . He wrapped strong warm fingers around my wrist and drew my palm forward, leading me where he wanted my hand to follow. When he set it on the center of his chest, right over his heart and pressed my flesh to his as if fingerprinting my soul to his. I blinked back gratified tears.
"Start here. No one's ever touched me here before. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 820207

Fucking goddamn shit motherfucker. It really is you. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 855152

That sucks. He can ask you out and take you to dinner and try to steal a goodnight kiss. He can go as far into it as you'll let him take you. And I can't even compete. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 862679

You, me, together," he said, his teeth nipping at my earlobe. "Permanently, being as clingy and possessive, jealous, space-invading boyfriend and girlfriend as we want, because this is happening. We are so fucking happening together. Whether you like it or not, you're mine ... just as I've been yours for years. So ... do you got all that?" - Brandt — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 872247

Hey, where are you going?" His voice, confused yet curious, called after me. "Hey. Why didn't your mother name you Maybe, or We'll see, or What's-Your-Number? That way, we could call our first born Absolutely. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 893226

Well, I don't care! he exploded.No one messes with the woman I love and gets away with it. I have to avenge you somehow. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 909105

I think I die a little every time I look at you."
Lenna's key slid from her hand and dropped to the floor at their feet.
Braxton looked down at it for a second and then lifted his eyes. "The first time," he went on, "at the Christmas party, when I looked up and saw you in the doorway ... " He paused and sucked in a breath as if he were reliving that very moment all over again. "I couldn't breathe. I haven't been able to breathe right since then. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 936378

He caught my hip, steadying me. "This'll change everything," he broke away from my mouth to say. "Once I'm inside you, you're mine, I'm yours, and we are together. There will be no friendship and mild dating. It's going to be all or nothing."
I gazed up into his eyes. "Then make me your all."
His eyes heated. "You always were. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1001404

Holy guacamole. Was that a double entendre? I swear that was a double entendre. Someone hold my panties on for me because Mason Lowe was freaking flirting with me, using double entendres. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1031119

When you love, you open yourself up to numerous vulnerabilities and worries and responsibilities you never imagined existed because suddenly there's someone else in the world who's more important to you than you are. That's what makes it so tough. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1081615

Everyone feels, Aspen. Some are just better at covering it up. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1096977

You're the warm sun that shines when everything else is dark," he went on, lifting his hands to rest them on the wall on either side of my face. "A smile and a hug in a roomful of disapproval. You're ... " Wincing, he pressed his forehead against mine. "You're everything. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1147854

You're a man, darling. There's something sick and twisted inside you, making you relish girly torture. I don't understand it myself. Never did. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1162122

I'm never one, distinct color but a dichotomy of dark and bright. The hues follow me, reflecting my mood, displaying every tone and shade I feel. I can breathe in red and exhale blue, or swim in green and dry as a rainbow. It all depends on how I choose to react to every shadow and light beam headed my way. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1207463

His warmth enveloped me until I empathized with the glove, knowing I had also just found my way home again after being lost in a cold, miserable winter. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1261380

I hugged her tighter to me. "You're seriously breaking all my rules. You know that, right?"
Her smile just grew. "I'm beginning to get a clue. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1302062

You're a teenage girl, sweetheart. Growing and changing every day. As you're trying to find out who you are and what you want to be, you have to experiment and try different things, alter clothes, friends, personalities. I don't think anyone so young can truly be one color just yet. And you're my only student who's realized that. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1307639

Whatever shit happened to drag us here to this moment ... I wish most of it hadn't needed to go down the way it did, but I'm still glad it ended up here, right here ... The pain was worth it if it's what brought you to me. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1332443

If you love someone enough, you can make them invincible. Like your feelings for them are so strong they work as a magical shield, protecting them from all harm and pain. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1362456

Ten snorted. "Like I want to hold your damn kid."
"Hey!" I spun to deliver him a nasty glare. "Watch your mouth around my daughter, fuck face. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1400533

So ... goddamn ... good. But I don't want it to end yet." ...
"Oh screw it." I dug my fingers into his firm ass and moved with him, urging him to quicken the pace. "We can have long, drawn-out slow sex later."
He groaned again, though this was more like a whimper. "Promise?"
I nodded. "Yes. Yes. Right now, just light me up. Please"
"On it." His hips slammed against mine. And ... damn. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1418988

With a relenting sigh, she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me before nipping my jaw with her teeth. 'You know I won't leave. You had me at 'bullshit. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1478108

How can I help you through this? What can I do to ease your pain, because I swear to God, I'll do anything."
Absolutely anything.
She set her hand on her heart and looked up at me, her eyes filled with so much emotion, I swear, some of it overflowed, spilling into me. "Just love me," she whispered.
"I do," I promised. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1561300

One more laugh, and Mr. Lowe might as well pick out the flowers I'd be leaving at his grave. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1655024

You're quirky ... and yet conventional. Innocent but worldly. Reserved yet outgoing. Candid yet guarded. Trendy but also practical. And childlike while still managing to be mature. It's like ... you're the perfect contradiction. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1665009

His sense of responsibility toward his family was everything to him. Everything. He didn't care if his obligations made him do things that caused him to feel trapped or had him feeling dirty until he hated a part of himself. He wasn't going to stop taking care of Dawn and Sarah in the only way he knew how. He had sold his soul to ensure every bill his mother forgot to pay was taken care of, even the fricking babysitter's bill. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1701669

One of these days, hopefully one of these days soon, you're going to realize you don't have to stay with a girl just because she was the first person you fucked. Putting your dick into Cora didn't commit you to her for the rest of your life, man ... you're allowed to move on and be with a girl you actually like. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1752344

You are so ... "
He grinned. "Charming? Handsome? Intriguing?"
"I was going to say confusing."
"Ahh." He nodded in an astute manner. "We'll slot that under intriguing. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1754223

Every woman treats me that way, Reese. I'm not a person to them. I'm just ... a good time or something vile to be avoided at all costs. And then you came along and you ... you hugged me. You are the first person who sees me, Mason, not sex for sale. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1798132

You gave me everything I wanted most. I just couldn't figure out it was all coming from the same person. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1812683

I've found the things I've regretted most in my life are the things I wanted to do but never had the courage to try. And I'm beginning to think I don't want you to become one of my what-if-I'd-only-tried-it regrets. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1843003

Of all the people in the crowded six hundred fifty-capacity gymnasium, I was the one to hit his radar. I had no idea how to deal with the attention. So, I pretty much functioned in freak mode. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1853877

If I touch you right now, that's it. I won't be able to stop. I wanted to make sure you have all your playtime in before I get started."
"Aww ... Thinking of me first. That's so sweet. Thank you."
"Yeah, I'm a frigging saint. Now will you please touch my dick like you mean it before the damn thing explodes? — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1905777

If Ralphie's form of adventuresome was grunting out, "Hold onto somethin'," for foreplay then, sure, he was one wild boy. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1907145

No matter what happens tonight, don't ever change, okay? You are fun and sweet and amazing just the way you are. You make the world a better place because you always find the bright side. You are the bright side. And if I'm ever going to make it through this, I need to know you're out there, still glowing and making the world bright. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1921150

I think the worth of a person comes more from who you are and less from what you are. Knox — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1922034

Whenever I look into your eyes, I feel like there could be more, so much more. Like there could be everything. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1929729

God, he looked good. Up close, from a distance, it didn't matter. The boy didn't have a bad side. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1932496

I was supposed to go with you, wherever you went. We're a team. You told me once that I had to have a place. Well, I finally figured out where it is. It's with you. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1983317

Sometimes a man can be a lot like a farm. He lets his heart lay fallow for a while, and instead of his feelings dying out, they just go dormant, his emotions growing deeper and stronger as time passes. A person only needs to clear away the weeds on the surface to uncover them. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 1997351

Don't be the glove in the snow. Fight for what you know is right. Be the coat. You're not lost and alone on this. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2006329

So, you don't give out freebies? Like ever?" That just sounded so bizarre to me. I would've thought a gigolo would be a complete man-whore, even off the clock.
But when his jaw went dead still as he stopped chewing and he said, "Are you ... asking for one? — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2037872

Rational was for people who didn't have a broken heart. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2067842

No one ever kissed me like you did. No one ever touched me like you did. No one -
With a choked sound of defeat, I crushed my mouth to hers. I had to shut her up. Her words were slaying me. Her tears were like poison. I died a hundred deaths from each aching confession. And I needed her to stop before I ceased to exist. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2103367

If you love someone enough, you find you can forgive them for just about anything, because living without them is more miserable than any grudge you could hold. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2138533

I have no idea why you tried so hard to save me," I murmured into her hair. "But I'll be forever grateful you did."
Smiling at me, she just said, "It's because you're worth it. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2176526

You might not have charged me a fee, but kissing you is too big of a price for me. I didn't sign up for this. Now let me go. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2188597

Ryder: "Well, you're not the type I want to be my first either."
Ryder: "You're the type I want to be my last. You know ... the settle down and marry sort. If you're my first, then I won't get to - I don't know - sow any wild oats or anything. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2211195

I couldn't wait to meet his cherry-popping, cougar pimp landlady again. Said no one ever. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2232536

My lips parted and my entire body throbbed. "Mason?" I said slowly, my voice timid. "What are you doing?"
"Something I probably souldn't." His voice sounded hoarse and tender ...
I began to tremble. I don't know if it was because of anticipation, utter excitement, dread, or outright fear. "If ... if you shouldn't, then ... don't." A throaty whimper like a wounded cougar tore from his voice box. "easier said than done. — Linda Kage

Linda Kage Quotes 2238945

I was a rule-follower. I obeyed all forms of authority. I had never before encountered a situation where the authority was clearly wrong and I had to stand up for what was right. — Linda Kage