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Captain Crawford didn't like the idea of any kind of murder, but he went at it patiently and honestly and with none of the stupidity and bombast and rubber-hose techniques that Los Angeles crime fiction writers had led me to expect. I'd gotten the impression that unless a gifted amateur in love with the lady got himself almost beaten to a pulp and practically inside the lethal gas chamber before he unmasked the venal and brutalized constabulary, any innocent bystander they could get their hands on was a gone duck. — Leslie Ford

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A city where the Capitol Dome, perforated like a kitchen colander, is the symbol of how secrets are kept ... — Leslie Ford

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There's nothing harder to stop than somebody who wants to believe a miracle. — Leslie Ford

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Lilac makes on occasion a sound between a sniff and a snort that's as damning as all improper words in the language and, like them, can't be written down. — Leslie Ford

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Men ruin cars. That's one of the things every woman knows. — Leslie Ford

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It is only fair to admit, however, that my batting average in the crystal ball league is point, zero, zero, zero. — Leslie Ford

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It's hard to confine an irrational woman in a rational pattern, so I had no idea really what was in her mind. — Leslie Ford

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Her Dream Prince, Gee Gee, was, then, and of course still might be, though I'd always thought of a Dream Prince as having more hair and less avoirdupois. — Leslie Ford

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More people have been ruined by their upright friends than ever have been by their enemies! — Leslie Ford

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You're in the democratic West now, lady. Anybody's as good as anybody else as long as he's got the dough to prove it. — Leslie Ford

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Do you have to do murder?
Do we have to do murder? Sure we have to do murder. There are only two subjects
a woman's chastity, and murder. Nobody's interested in chastity any more. Murder's all we got to write stories about. — Leslie Ford

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It's all right to be disillusioned, but you can't be disillusioning. — Leslie Ford

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He had a fascinating technique of gnawing his cigar from one corner of his mouth to the other, as if his teeth were equipped with trolley tracks, and suddenly grabbing it out and gesticulating wit it before he jammed it back. — Leslie Ford

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I suppose it's part of being a good politician to be able to spot the most important men in any group without outside assistance. — Leslie Ford

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If he hadn't been looking at Phil and had been looking at Viola Kersey he would have been a surprised young man. There was a look of startled dismay on her face as she realized what she'd done. And she didn't like it. For one instant the appealing little woman looked for all the world like the household variety of virago who's sweet as all get out as long as guests are present and ready to snatch the family bald-headed as soon as the door is closed. — Leslie Ford

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You can always tell duty. It's what you don't want to do
it's what you fight against inside you. Duty's when you realize how it'll hurt other people and you choose between that and what would be easiest for you. — Leslie Ford

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Bitterness hardly cares what food it eats. — Leslie Ford

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The thing about George Barrol is that he's always putting his own and other people's feet into things that had best be left quite free of feet. — Leslie Ford

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Nobody's ever decided what success is, out here. — Leslie Ford

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If you know the dark, you find it has a light of its own to let you see. — Leslie Ford