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Famous Quotes By Leah Bobet

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He like to read the ones that nobody came for; he didn't understand all of what they said, but he read them just in case. He like the way they made the world tilt different ways in his vision. — Leah Bobet

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What's the moral of the story?

People Above will hurt you. People Above will break you, and devour your heart raw. — Leah Bobet

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Because even if we're strange and Cursed and Beasts, the people Above are monsters. — Leah Bobet

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You'll come up with me?"
"I need it here", I said. "The dark. The quiet." A pause.
"The sinlight drove near mad."
"I'd be your dark. — Leah Bobet

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People unite against things. People fight when they're scared and threatened, not to change, not for the future. They get it wrong in the other Tales. People don't fight for heroes: they fight for the monsters. For fear of the monsters in the dark. — Leah Bobet

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Oh, Atticus," it says soft, and the softness is scarier than the rest in its sorrow. "I'd have done anything you asked. I'd have been your sea and sky. — Leah Bobet

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Ariel gets bad when she's scared. That's when she stings; that's what stings, scared things cornered. — Leah Bobet

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Keeping histories is as much about knowing what needs forgetting as what ought to be remembered. — Leah Bobet

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I'd be your sky. — Leah Bobet

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Cora didn't know a whole lot about wendigo, but there were ways in which they were just like people: they wanted above everything to live through the night

("Stay") — Leah Bobet

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He yells, straightens up with a swear that tells me he is the one, he's the one that broke my Ariel, broke her down made her Freak made her scared of sweet words or touching so I had to walk slow and careful, talk soft and always be patient and never just kiss her like I wanted to. Took away her want to be kissed. — Leah Bobet

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She escaped from the schools when she turned eighteen. And she went on to be a Doctor, because the only way to fight what was wicked in the world was to work, hands and heart, for what was good and well. — Leah Bobet

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Healing's not always natural, she says. Healing's not always the way a body wants to go. Sometimes the body wants to run. Sometimes it can't think of anything but what might stop the pain. And though stopping the pain's important if you want a body healing, it isn't the whole. Sometimes that just keeps you broke. — Leah Bobet