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Famous Quotes By Laure Eve

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I remember only images, snapshots burned into me, bleeding into each other until I no longer knew the order in which they had happen. — Laure Eve

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I fell over twice. It was loud. The garden was black outside our circle of light. The endless night stretched all around us, so we told each other that we had to be close together, together in the dark. — Laure Eve

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She ran from the shame, slammed his door behind her and ran, away from the pain and the moment when he had been so close to her mouth he could have kissed her, the thought that made her feel like her heart would burst. — Laure Eve

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People like us were born to change the world. It's filled with shit. It's filled with people who did the things they did to you. It's filled with stupid pointlessness and ignorance and so much mundanity, it makes me want to scream. Don't you feel it too? — Laure Eve

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Everyone said they were witches.
I desperately wanted to believe it. — Laure Eve

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The world out there is nothing more than a load of places with people in 'em. And the people out there are neither more interesting, nor better, nor lower, than us here in Angle Tar.
It's humans, Rue. We're the same wherever you go, no matter what we surround ourselves with. — Laure Eve

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I no longer wonder whether something like me should be allowed to exist. I do exist. — Laure Eve