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L. E. Henderson Quotes & Sayings

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Famous Quotes By L. E. Henderson

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Writing constantly is the best tonic to jealousy I've found. — L. E. Henderson

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Legends are legends. Never take them seriously, even if they might be true. — L. E. Henderson

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Uncertainty is a tender state, and there is infinite beauty inside that tenderness. But like all tender things, it is fragile. A question mark can be steamrolled into something flat, unless someone is willing to say that sometimes the mystery is enough, and that, until we can do better, we should let it be what it is. — L. E. Henderson

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Here the clouds constantly adjusted like obedient phantoms, so that shadows never lengthened or shortened. At any point in space, Limbo never became any darker or lighter than the moment before. — L. E. Henderson

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Uncertainty does not scare me," Saylor said. "What frightens me more than anything is continuing to endure the same pain over and over, the hopeless repetition. Being caught in an endless cycle, the ironclad grip of fate. — L. E. Henderson

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At the birth of the universe, we were there, you and I, our potential stirring, unseen, among gaseous cloud of hydrogen atoms. "And even before then, we were there, our potential to be alive existing inside of whatever there was, even if no one was there to see it. For an eternity stretching back into the past, you always had the potential to someday be alive just as you had the ability to someday die. If we exist, we have always existed, and will always exist. — L. E. Henderson

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Writing does what physicists cannot: it freezes time; captures the essence of the moment, even as it passes away. Writing says, we were here; that we breathed and felt and saw and made mistakes and learned from them. — L. E. Henderson