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A kata is not fixed or immoveable. Like water, it's ever changing and fits itself to the shape of the vessel containing it. However, kata are not some kind of beautiful competitive dance, but a grand martial art of self-defense - which determines life and death. — Kenwa Mabuni

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Karate-Do is a lifetime study — Kenwa Mabuni

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The karate that has been introduced to Tokyo is actually just a part of the whole. The fact that those who have learnt karate there feel it only consists of kicks & punches, and that throws & locks are only to be found in judo or jujutsu, can only be put down to a lack of understanding ... Those who are thinking of the future of karate should have an open mind and strive to study the complete art — Kenwa Mabuni

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There are no styles of karate-do, just varying interpretations of its principles. — Kenwa Mabuni

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The meaning of the directions in kata is not well understood, and frequently mistakes are made in the interpretation of kata movements. In extreme cases, it is sometimes heard that "this kata moves in 8 directions so it is designed for fighting 8 opponents" or some such nonsense. — Kenwa Mabuni

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Do not fall into the trap of thinking that just because a kata begins to the left that the opponent is attacking from the left. — Kenwa Mabuni