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It's really hard for me to memorize the medical jargon if I don't know the meaning of every single word. So I do have to do a little Wikipedia/YouTube research to figure out what I'm talking about. — Kelly McCreary

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I would say I have a bit of a nerd vibe. — Kelly McCreary

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The more normal it gets for people to see people of a gender or skin tone they wouldn't expect in jobs that they wouldn't expect, or speaking a way they wouldn't expect them to, the more it cultivates a sense that we share more than separates us. — Kelly McCreary

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I didn't see a lot of women who looked like me on TV when I was growing up. — Kelly McCreary

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I came to L.A. for pilot season, and it was so brutal. So brutal. But still, I just want to be making forward progress. There's lots of ideas about being a superstar. But my idea of being a superstar is just going forward and having new challenges and trying out new things. — Kelly McCreary

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I want to be part of the storytelling that educates people and awakens a sense of compassion in other people of the kind of people they don't encounter in their daily lives very frequently. — Kelly McCreary

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At first, being a storyteller, it was fun to dress up and fun to sing songs and pretend to be very dramatic - all of that stuff was just fun early on. — Kelly McCreary

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Entertainment is one of America's greatest exports. And the stories that we tell about people inform the world about how to think about people. — Kelly McCreary

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I love an acting challenge, and I love getting to sit down with my script and do all my drama work. — Kelly McCreary

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Acting is a job you can learn a lot in. You get to play lots of different characters with different professions and different backgrounds; they come from different places than you do, so it's really fun when you're immersing yourself in that world of that person to learn about how other people's lives are. — Kelly McCreary